Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Update

While mentally I am not feeling any better, I did get some stitching done this weekend along with a little bit of shopping. In an effort to boost my spirits I went shopping and bought some new clothes, bought ingredients for a new recipe, and hung out at the bookstore. The clothes are nice, time at the bookstore was peaceful and the new recipe, well, it was a new recipe. Definite tweaks are needed for next time!

This week I stitched on Dragon Knot. I finished all stitching with DMC 168 on page 4. Then I got bored and put it down. LOL!

I then picked up Eeyore and completed the 2nd page. I'll be moving on to the 3rd and last page. I'm hoping to have this one done very soon so I can get it finished as a blanket and then shipped off!
It's also mardi gras time down here! Not sure if I will make it to New Orleans this year, although I certainly do need a good party, I did find this single serving size of King Cake. Original King Cake (no filling). I love King Cake but it always comes in the big rings. I found this little one at Fresh Market. Just the perfect size!

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Gabi said...

Great progress on both of your Wip's. I love the Dragon Knot.