Friday, January 09, 2009

Vicious Circle

Oh, today was another bad work day. I say work day because now that I am home, I'm feeling better. I do try my best to leave work at work. I, unfortunately, have the type of boss that likes to focus on ALL the bad and never acknowledges the good work that was done. Today was one of those days and I was just done with it. I hate to admit it, I was at my desk with tears in my eyes I was so angry at him. I even texted my sailor asking him to "rescue me." Which resulted in me getting even angrier because I don't want to be rescued. Like I said, vicious circle.

However, I left work 1/2 hour early because I had worked extra the other 4 days and I headed to one of my favorite stores, which shall remain nameless for the time being. It will remain nameless because I purchased my sailor's Christmas presents there today and if I state the name of the store, he could guess what he is getting. Did I say Christmas? Yeah, I"m a little behind. But that's ok, if he comes to visit it's not till next week and so I am now right on time! LOL!

So after having to work a FULL five days, I am going to relax this weekend. Watch movies and stitch. I have 3 movies to watch from Netflix: Casablanca, Shrek 3, and In the Land of Women. I'm hoping all 3 are winners. I'm also going to go to my favorite grocery store, Fresh Market, and pick up some yummy healthy foods after a week of eating kind of crappy. Maybe that will make me feel better too!

This week I've been working on Dragon Knot and this is my update photos. I couldn't decide which picture looked better so I am posting both. I typically scan the piece, but it's now just a tad too big to go on the scanner!


Rachel said...

Your dragon knot is looking wonderful!

Lou's addictions said...

Enjoy your weekend, and if you need to vent then your blog is the ideal place to do it. We all need to have a rant every now and then.

Nancy said...

Your dragon knot is making great progress. I like photos much better than scans! Keep up the good work and I hope your weekend is relaxing!