Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jupiter Parade and Jam

It is Mardi Gras time in South Louisiana!  Mardi Gras has grown over the past decade here in Baton Rouge.  No longer do we have to go to New Orleans for "big" parades.  Last night was the Jupiter Parade and their after party, Jupiter Jam. We had so much fun!!!

I went with my friend Joy, her mom, and her mom's friends.  We had so much fun!  We caught the parade twice before heading to the party.  Caught a bunch of beads that we have absolutely no use for!  But, it is still fun!!! 

It was so cold last night!  We were bundled up.  I lost count of the number of layers that I was wearing.  It was even more cold because we were right off the river.  The wind coming off the water was wicked cold!!!  But with the help of a "little" bit of alcohol, we didn't feel much!  :)

Last night was just the start.  There are a few more parades next weekend and then on Mardi Gras weekend we have the big parade for Baton Rouge, Spanish Town Parade.  This year the parade is being followed by a new parade, Poseidon.  So it will be full day of fun on the 13th of February in downtown Baton Rouge.

Here are some pictures from our fun time last night!

This pic was taken by a cell p hone.  We were so cold waiting on the parade! Me, Elke, and Joy

Patty and Elke on the levee before the parade.

Joy and I on the levee.

Joy taking a nip of the whiskey!  Trying to stay warm!!!

One of the floats of the Jupiter Parade

Joy and I after the first time ctaching the parade.

Joy (her back is to the camera) and I dancing at Jupiter Jam.

Joy and her mom, Elke, at Jupiter Jam

Thursday, January 28, 2010

7 out of 16!!

As of last night, I have completed 7 out of 16 pages of Dragon Knot!!!  Now I should be a good girl and put it to the side to start working on the 2 baby blankets I need to finsh by this summer, but I'm on such a roll.  So I will work on Dragon Knot till January 31 and on February 1 I'll start on the baby quilts!  Sounds like a plan, right?

I've had a few questions over the past few entries on the updates of Dragon Knot.  I'm going to try to answer the ones I remember:

1.  I am stitching this 1 over 1 on 25 count lugana or jobelan (I've been working on this pattern for so long I can't remember exactly which fabric it is but those are my two favorite).

Hmmm, now that I am sitting here I think that is the only question I remember! :)  If there are others, drop me another comment and I will try to answer it! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I preface this entry with a warning.  I am going to be self-indulgent, whiney, cry-babyish, etc.  Writing things down in my journal is just not getting it done these days so I am going to put it out to the universe.  So I apologize for this posting BUT I did issue the warning.  If you continue on reading, that is up to you!

Work is supposed to get better now that my convention is over. I was hoping to get out from under the mounds of paper piles that are on top of my desk and around the desk. However, that may not be happening anytime soon. We are still short-handed.  Well, guess whose hands are being used to pitch in?  Yep, that's right.  Mine.  Last I checked, I only have 2 but I'm being asked to pitch in another 2.  Hmmmm, let's see me pull that one (or two) out of my butt!!!

I am also supposed to be taking lead on an upcoming convention for an association that isn't mine.  Why?  Because the person who is in charge of that association cannot get the work done.  She cannot get her "normal" day-to-day work done in a normal 40 hour week, then to add on to that a convention?  Yep, she might abandon ship.  So instead, the little man's solution is to have me do the work. 

And yes, I am supposed to do all of this and keep my association up and running.  While I do enjoy the money that the overtime is generating, I am so stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted I don't think the benefits are outweighing the negatives! You know, I think I might have to try being incompetent and see where that gets me!

My Sailor
Remember, I said this was going to be a self-indulgent, whiney post!  I have been missing My Sailor a lot lately.  Most likely because I am so tired and my "defenses" are down.  But I miss him telling me to stop worrying so much or in his words "stop sweating the small stuff." The way he listened to what I had to say and actually hear it (well, as long as I wasn't complaining about something he did.) He was never in my life on a day-to-day basis, but he did impact me.  Still does.  The lessons I learned from him are helping me today.  I just wish he was around cause I could really use his comfort right now.  Like I said, I'm so exhausted, my defenses are down. I typically am very good at repressing all feelings in regard to him!!!

Ok, those are my two biggest complaints in life right now.  Other than that, everything is peachy!  I have a ton of stitching projects to wade through (always a good thing).  I have a stack of books to read (another good thing). I have Mardi Gras parades to look forward to starting this Saturday.  I have a trip to see my grandparents coming up.  Then before I know it, spring will be here and I will be headed to Houston for my babies' birthdays!!!! 

See, I feel better already.  I just had to put it down for everyone to read and to realize that things aren't as bad as they seem in my head!

Now, I am off to tackle my stitching. I am almost done with the current page of Dragon Knot.  I want to get that finished and pics posted soon!

Monday, January 25, 2010

We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Whew!  What a week it has been!  Convention is finally over!!!  4 days of non-stop activity!  I am just plain exhausted!!!  It always amazes me how I manage to pull off a 4 day conference!  And this year was especially tough as the schedule was so tight!  But it is now over and time to start working on the summer convention.

From what I could tell, there were only minor mishaps at the convention.  We received many compliments, which is always nice to hear!  And there were a few events that will probably force me into therapy as I get older!!!  One being dancing with the little man.  Yep, being pulled out onto the dance floor by the boss man is always terrifying!!!  Second one is bumping booty with your veterinarian on the dance floor.  Yep!  Another event to cause me nightmares!  But if that is all that happened, I'll bear with it!!!!  :)

I was able to officially clock out at 10:15 am on Sunday morning!  I went home, put on comfy clothes and sat on the couch.  I had every intention of doing laundry but ooops!  I fell asleep in the middle of Nip/Tuck.  I saw the beginning.  I saw the ending.  I have no clue what happened in between.  LOL  That is how tired I was!  I then jetted over to my parents house for tacos and football!!! I cuddled up on my parents' couch with Duke and watched the first game of Colts vs. Jets.  I was pulling for the Jets.  I do not want to be facing a Manning in the Super Bowl!!!   Then we had some yummy tacos.  Ok, maybe more than just some.  I hadn't really eaten in the 4 days of convention so I was STARVING!!!  Then it was time to settle down for the Saints game. 

Settle may not be the best word for that game.  There was nothing settling about it!  I swear I was going to have a heart attack or stroke out by the end of the game!  But I had faith!  I believed that the boys could win it!!!  And win it they did!  They won it for the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.  It was the best feeling in the world!!  I can't even describe it.  I had very little voice by the end of the game.  My mom and I were jumping around the living room and screaming at the top of our voices at the end of the game!!!  It is just the best thing having the Saints in the Super Bowl. 

Today is my day off.  Trying to get back into a normal routine again.  I paid bills.  I went grocery shopping. Doing laundry.  Just normal, every day activities.  It's so very nice!!!  ; )  I slept like a baby last night.  I have a feeling I will sleep that way again tonight!  But back to the grind again tomorrow!  But at least it will be a normal 8 hour day!!!

I'm off to finish some household chores, love on Duke, and do some stitching!

Will hopefully have another stitching update soon! 

I apologize if some of this post makes no sense!  The brain is still not quite working correctly after last week!  It just needs some rest!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 down, 4 to go!!!

Now, that title could mean 2 things!  It could be the countdown to the NFC championship game on Sunday between the Saints and the Vikings or it could be the countdown till my next day off! It's BOTH!!!

It is convention week for me.  Between that and having to fill in for the empty position in the office and do other people's work, I have been working like a dog!!!  I've already got 5 hours of OT this week.  By the end of the week, I will have almost 30 hours of just OT.  I love my check after convention!!!!  :)  Time and a half rocks!!! That's the only thing that keeps me going! 

I did take off this upcoming Monday.  Woo hoo!!!  One day off!  Then back to the office to start on the next convention which is in early March.  Not my convention, but someone else's.  I won't go into details as to why I am doing the work.  It just gets too frustrating.  I just keep telling myself "extra money, extra money".  The extra money will be helpful for all the upcoming trips I'd like to take this year!!!  Or for maybe another Coach purse!!!  (yes, I admit it.  I have a Coach purse problem! lol)

Sunday the Saints play for the NFC championship.  I am very exciting.  I get off at 12:30 that day so I have time to get in a quick nap before the game.  I can feel it!  Good things are going to happen for the Saints!!!

I hope everyone is having a good week!  I am stitching but not as much since I am so pooped!!!  I am very close to finishing the page I am working on for Dragon Knot so I hope to have that update for you very soon!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Relaxing" Weekend

Hmmm, not sure how relaxing this weekend was.  I was told by several people, including family, friends, and work, to go home this weekend and relax.  Sleep in late.  Do nothing.  Not sure if I accomplished that.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5 a.m. instead of 3 a.m.  I dozed and daydreamed until 8:30 a.m. Does that count as sleeping in?  I went out to the bookstore and spent 30 minutes just browsing.  Found a few books I would have been interested in buying but I couldn't decide on just one and I also couldn't remember if I already had the books and they were just in my "to be read" pile!!!  That's sad, isn't it?  I also went to Hobby Lobby.  I actually didn't find anything there.  But I just went in browsing, I had nothing specific in mind. Then off to Papa Murphy's to pick up a pizza for the Saints playoff game.  Had a nice afternoon/evening watching football with a friend, munching on pizza and drinking beer.  For dessert we even had a black and gold king cake.  We were in the spirit!!!!  So one game down, one more next Sunday!  Thankfully it is on Sunday since I have to work the weekend but will be home by 1 p.m. on Sunday!

Now it is Sunday.  Same as Saturday.  Slept till about 5 a.m.  and then dozed and daydreamed till about 8:30 a.m.  The big decision this morning was pancakes or waffles!  I've spent the morning stitching and catching up on shows.  Now it is time for football!  The remaining two football playoff games.  Time to see who will meet the Saints in the Dome next Sunday!  I'm not sure who I want it to be, Cowboys or Vikings?  All I want is for the Saints to win!!

I have a big week ahead of me.  Convention starts on Thursday and I have a TON of work to accomplish in the next 3 days.  I hope I can handle it with some grace and dignity.  On site work at convention really isn't hard, just time consuming and physical.  But I really will be glad when it is all over.  I am so thankful that I have my parents to help me out. They do little things like shopping, making me dinner, walking and taking care of Duke.  That helps me tremendously!!! I'm very  lucky that they are willing to do that for me!!!

I hope everyone has a good week!  I hope to have another update on Dragon Knot up by the end of the day or by tomorrow.  I just want to get as much stitching done on it as I can!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

End of week update

I've been working quite steadlily on Dragon Knot this past week.  I love when I can get on a roll with a project.  Seeing more progress makes me want to work on the project more and more.

This was last week's update:

After working on it for a week:

Close up of the area I am working on:

Life Update
I've got another full week ahead of me at work.  I am two weeks out from my convention.  We are still down an employee.  More overtime up ahead for me this week.  Just thinking about it is exhausting.  This weekend was entirely too long and too short.  Too long because I'm still struggling with a heavy heart and looking for a little direction in life and too short because I don't want to go back to work (ok, I'm sure very few people want to go back to work!). I find it so frustrating to know what I want but no clue on how to get it!!!  Especially when other people are involved!  Learning that I can't control others has been one that has taken a long time to learn!!!

It was an extremely cold weekend which lent itself to a perfect time to stitch.  I spent a majority of Saturday snuggled on the couch with Duke stitching away on Dragon Knot. Sunday I was able to spend a little bit of time stitching but not as much as Saturday.  I attended a babyshower for an old family friend.  It was nice to see childhood friends from the old neighborhood.  We so rarely see each other except at life events like this. 

Well I am off to finish laundry for the week and put some more time into stitching.  The stitching is much needed therapy at this time!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Looking for some sanity...

Only four days into the new year and I am already looking for some sanity to return to my piece of the world!!!  As stated in a previous post my world has been turned upside down beginning on January 1 with LSU's loss and proceeding downhill from there!  Today the world continued to be topsy turvy!!!!

I expected work to be busy starting this week.  We are down an employee and I have a convention in 3 weeks.  I was actually looking forward to being busy!  (GASP! Did I say that?  Looking forward to being busy at work?) But work has gone from being busy to INSANELY busy.  I am working on a total of 3 associations, my convention which is in 3 weeks and another employee's convention which is in March.  How much can one person do?  I put in 9 hours today.  I'm thinking there are going to be  nights where the old laptop will have to come home with me. I know it will all get done but right now it is just overwhelming. All I can do now is keep reminding myself of all the overtime and extra money.  I'm thinking a trip or a new Coach purse (yes another one!) will be well-deserved at the end ! :)

What is up with this weather?  I live in South Louisiana!  It should maybe be in the 50s.  Not in the 20s.  There shouldn't be any advisories for wintery mix.  What is that anyway?  Wintery mix? Poor Duke was literally shaking to the bone with cold today when I took him for his walk.  I don't think he actually pooped, he shook the poop out!!!!  I bet he'll wear his sweater tomorrow when I take him out!!!

Well, with the cold weather comes the perfect excuse to cuddle up on the couch and stitch!  So off I go to put some more work into Dragon Knot!

Stay warm everyone!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

First Update of 2010

One of my goals this year is to complete Dragon Knot.  Yes, that is a very ambitious goal.  Which is why I decided to start stitching on it.  Won't get done just sitting there!!!  Haven't been successful in teaching Duke how to pick up a needle, thread it and stitch!  Now wouldn't that be something!

So far today I put about 3 1/2 hours of stitching into it!  I plan on stitching some more but I wanted to take a picture while the sun was still out.  It's getting harder to get a really good picture as it is getting bigger and bigger!

I haven't stitched anything significant in about a month.  Today, it was much needed therapy.  And I hope to continue that into the month of January because this month is going to be insane and I will need all the therapy I can get!!!

The whole overall view of the project.

Close up of the section I am currently working on.

Rough Start

2010 blew in like a hurricane for me.  Full of destruction! 

January 1
The year started off with LSU picking right up where it left off in 2009.  LOSING!!!  That was one of the worse games I've seen.  The team just can't seem to get their acts together.  I hope they regroup before Fall and come back as the winning team they can be with the talent they have.  Thank goodness baseball is getting ready to start!!!

Had a visit.  From My Sailor.  Yep.  Been a long time since I've talked about him.  No, we aren't together. We are friends (?).  I don't know.  I don't think there is a word to classify our relationship. I'm full of confusion, hurt, and anxiety about it all. Seeing him was great. Comfortable.  No awkwardness. But then he left. And I have to remember that.  He is always going to leave.  And it isn't me that he is coming home to. It's always sad when you find that one person that you love with all your heart but you can't be with him/her. That is my struggle everyday. It isn't fun, but it hasn't killed me yet.  I'm still hopeful, most times, that I'll end up with the happy ending.

January 2
This day was a complete waste.  I was still reeling from My Sailor leaving.  The day was spent moping, crying, thinking, reflecting. I did apply for a few new jobs as that is one of my goals.  I also completed one of the numerous books I have sitting by my bed.  But other than those 2 things, I mean, the day was a complete waste. Complete breakdown of all senses. I cried for so long and so hard, I didn't think I had any more moisture left in my body.  I didn't eat, the thought of eating made me nauseus. I hadn't slept the night before so that added even more to the confusion I was feeling. I'm not writing this to have anyone feel sorry for me.  I think that everyone needs to just break down occasionally to get out all the emotions.

January 3
Still struggling today.  I did get some sleep last night with the help of medication. I had to otherwise my thoughts would have kept me up.  I don't know what the future will bring, but isn't that the fun of life?  Not knowing what is around the next corner? I'm going to try my best to not dwell on the "what could have been." I need to focus on what I have now. I did what I had to do with the My Sailor situation.  He knows where I stand and how I feel. The ball is in his court but also in mine!!!  I can let this beat me down and make me miserable or I can pick myself up and keep moving.  There's always hope.

So I am up once again at the crack of dawn.  Need to head to Walmart to get lunch items for the week. Not exactly the best place to head when one is feeling blue.  Just going to that place can make anyone blue! 

Convention Time
Busy week ahead.  It is convention time! I was looking at the calendar yesterday and noticed that I only have 3 weeks till convention.  yikes!!!  I have gotten nothing done on it.  Plus we are down one employee starting Monday.  That means 2 more associations I have to deal with.  Oh, I am going to be a raving lunatic by Wednesday!!!  I see lots of overtime in my future unless I buckle down and get it all done in my 40 hours.  Which is quite possible because I don't like working over my 40 unless I absolutely have to.  I work so I can live.  I don't live to work!!!

Ok, off I go to Wally world!!!  I hope to also get some stitching in today while watching football!  Maybe I'll have an update a little later today!

Love to all of my blogger followers!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

This morning I am quite reflective on the past year and looking forward to all the new opportunities that the new year brings!!!

While I wouldn't say that 2009 was one of my worst years, it wasn't the best.  But there were some definite high points!  I reconnected with many old friends and family!  Cassady became a permanent part of the family! I have a job in this current economic climate! I bought a new car!

But now I am ready to look forward to this new year.  So many possibilities.  I've been thinking about what I'd like to accomplish this year. I wouldn't say they are resolutions so much as they are goals. 

1. Pay off another debt.  I was really good this past year and managed to pay off 2!  I hope this year to do the same!
2. Put money away in savings! This wasn't exactly accomplished in 2009 so hope to improve upon it this year!
3. Get a passport.  I just think this is something I should have.  What if I want to go on a cruise or go to Mexico?  Need one for those these days!
4. Find a new place to live.  Be it a new apartment or maybe a new home that I purchase.  Ok, let's not get crazy!  Buying a home is a HUGE commitment.  Not sure if I am mature enough for that yet! :)
5. Be open to new things.  Be it love, a career change, a move to a new city/state.  Whatever it is, I want to be more open to the change!

Now for a few stitching goals:
1. To not buy any new patterns. (Now if someone else buys it for me, I won't turn it down!)
2. To buy only stash needed to complete patterns I currently have!
3. Finish Cassady's baby quilt.
4. Finish Jason's new baby (not born yet) baby quilt.
5. Finish HAED's Dragon Knot (that's an ambitious one!)
6. Finish 1 page of HAED's Mad Tea Party
7. Finish 1 page of HAED's Queen of Hearts
8. Complete Nora Robert's 'M'

I hope every one has a great day today!  A great start to the New Year!!!  I am off to watch the Capital One Bowl game (LSU) with my parents and have lunch!