Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I preface this entry with a warning.  I am going to be self-indulgent, whiney, cry-babyish, etc.  Writing things down in my journal is just not getting it done these days so I am going to put it out to the universe.  So I apologize for this posting BUT I did issue the warning.  If you continue on reading, that is up to you!

Work is supposed to get better now that my convention is over. I was hoping to get out from under the mounds of paper piles that are on top of my desk and around the desk. However, that may not be happening anytime soon. We are still short-handed.  Well, guess whose hands are being used to pitch in?  Yep, that's right.  Mine.  Last I checked, I only have 2 but I'm being asked to pitch in another 2.  Hmmmm, let's see me pull that one (or two) out of my butt!!!

I am also supposed to be taking lead on an upcoming convention for an association that isn't mine.  Why?  Because the person who is in charge of that association cannot get the work done.  She cannot get her "normal" day-to-day work done in a normal 40 hour week, then to add on to that a convention?  Yep, she might abandon ship.  So instead, the little man's solution is to have me do the work. 

And yes, I am supposed to do all of this and keep my association up and running.  While I do enjoy the money that the overtime is generating, I am so stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted I don't think the benefits are outweighing the negatives! You know, I think I might have to try being incompetent and see where that gets me!

My Sailor
Remember, I said this was going to be a self-indulgent, whiney post!  I have been missing My Sailor a lot lately.  Most likely because I am so tired and my "defenses" are down.  But I miss him telling me to stop worrying so much or in his words "stop sweating the small stuff." The way he listened to what I had to say and actually hear it (well, as long as I wasn't complaining about something he did.) He was never in my life on a day-to-day basis, but he did impact me.  Still does.  The lessons I learned from him are helping me today.  I just wish he was around cause I could really use his comfort right now.  Like I said, I'm so exhausted, my defenses are down. I typically am very good at repressing all feelings in regard to him!!!

Ok, those are my two biggest complaints in life right now.  Other than that, everything is peachy!  I have a ton of stitching projects to wade through (always a good thing).  I have a stack of books to read (another good thing). I have Mardi Gras parades to look forward to starting this Saturday.  I have a trip to see my grandparents coming up.  Then before I know it, spring will be here and I will be headed to Houston for my babies' birthdays!!!! 

See, I feel better already.  I just had to put it down for everyone to read and to realize that things aren't as bad as they seem in my head!

Now, I am off to tackle my stitching. I am almost done with the current page of Dragon Knot.  I want to get that finished and pics posted soon!


Maureen said...

no need to apologise for your post - your blog, your rant lol! and I bet you feel better for it now.

Sounds like work is pretty hectic for you at the mo and unfortunately when you prove yourself to be the most compotent and efficient around you end up with twice the work - perhaps you need to get a few days break from there for them to see how much you actually contribute.

On a stitching front,looking forward to seeing another progress picture on dragon knot - it's been lookign stunning so far.

Terry said...

I do believe you are in dire need of a spa day or two! Perhaps a spa day where they just massage your feet for an hour or two while you sit by the pool and stitch or read while sipping on a nice cold beverage. lol

Hopefully things at work will settle down soon. Tell your boss he owes you not only overtime but a couple of spa days (and that's just for making you dance with him at the convention lol)

Keep your chin up and Go Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game Sunday. I like when the games are so close, it means they were evenly matched. Woo hoo!

Terri said...

Anytime you need to vent, do it. It helps everyone to vent. And writing it down helps even more. I think I'll be venting more too lol :) Keep your chin up you are doing well and enjoy working on your stitching :)