Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Naughty or Nice

I love Christmas. I love to watch those I love open up gifts that I took the time to purchase or make for them! But most of all, I like to open my gifts! LOL! I must have been a good girl this year as I received many wonderful gifts. I received a new vacuum cleaner (for those of you who know my animals, you know this is an essential!), Monopoly "Here and Now" game, Trivia Pursuit 80's edition, Grease DVD - Rydell High Edition (yes, this is my second DVD but it has extras on it that the other one doesn't!), the Dreamgirls CD, earrings, gift cards, a new griddle pan, cookie sheets, pizza pan, and the equipment to download music from the computer to my phone! All good stuff! Now if I can just remember to write my Thank you cards I will be doing well!

Did I get all I wanted? I got everything I wanted and more that I didn't know I wanted! LOL! But the two things I really wanted, no I did not get. I am hoping though that the new year brings me these two things. One being Ron coming home and the other being clarity about where Jim and I are heading. How strange for me. The two things I wanted are so unmaterialistic! I must be growing up!