Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Weekend

This is how much I have completed on the picture for the baby. It's a pretty easy stitch and I do hope to have it finished fairly quickly. Now, I did go get that thread that I need to finish Buzz. I haven't worked on it yet this weekend, but I just might. Definitely at some time this week!

It was a very pretty spring weekend after a very terrible week of storms. It was bright and sunny outside. Once I cleaned off the balcony, Duke was able to spend many hours out there. He loves to watch the squirrels and the black cats that seem to populate the courtyard.

This is Duke's favorite spot when he isn't outside. He can stand on top of the sofa and see outside. I think this is where he hangs out all day when I am at work. Gives him a great view of everything!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Addition/Project

There is a new addition to my friends' family. Welcome Cassady Hope Elizabeth who joins her siblings, Marly Grace and Parker! She was born Friday around 9:30 am. She is 19 1/2 inches long and 7 lbs. 13 oz. Cassady is a special addition to the family as she is being adopted. My trip to Houston will be very special now. I will get to meet my newest niece.

In honor of her birth, I am going to do a Winnie the Pooh picture that was in issue 210 of Cross Stitcher. I think it is just too cute and can't wait to see it! She will eventually get her baby blanket too. Once I get around to doing it! LOL! So many projects, so little time!

Friday, March 27, 2009

End of the Week

Yeah, the week is over! One more night of bad storms and we should have it behind us!!! I just hope that they can get the baseball games played this weekend!

This week I worked on Dragon Knot 2. I ran out of one of the threads in Buzz so I put it aside till I can get to the store.

Tonight I am going to start kitting up some other projects. :) I know, so bad. But I have some new magazines with some patterns that I am dying to do so I am hoping I have the stash for it already. But if I don't, I'm also going to put together some shopping lists. I am headed to Houston in 2 weeks and there is a LNS there that I adore. I'm hoping to get by it and purchase a few things!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad Storms!

Early this morning South Louisiana and parts of Mississippi had a terrible storm come through. I woke up around 1 am this morning to a horrible howling noise. Shortly thereafter I lost power. I didn't get it back till around 7 this morning.

Getting to work was fun! Lights were out. Roads were flooded. Debris was everywhere! When I got home this afternoon I took some pictures of trees that had fallen in the complex. Looking around the area, it was like a flashback to when Hurricanes Gustav and Ike had come through.

In the above picture you can still see the stumps that were left from the trees that fell during the hurricanes. The trees just behind it fell or were so damaged that they cut them down today.

I certainly hope that all the limbs/trees that were left to fall down are now down as we are supposed to have another round of severe storms tonight and Friday night. The day time is fine. Just overcast and dreary looking. Time to clean up before more damage occurs. I certainly hope that I don't lose power tonight too!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Weekend

I've been working on Buzz. He's 75% completed. I am hoping that I finish him up by next weekend! Then all I will have to do is finish him as a photo album. Maybe this can be an Easter present? Hmmm, I won't put a deadline on it because I will never meet it then! LOL!

This weekend was super beautiful here! Sunny skies, warm weather, not a cloud in the sky! I was able to take Duke to the dog park two days in a row. On Saturday he was so well behaved and played with the other dogs. On Sunday, he decided he was going to be a grumpy old man and be by himself. Should any other dog come by him, he snapped at them. We only stayed about 40 minutes. But in that 40 minutes he managed to get super duper dirty so he was whisked to the bath immediately upon our return home. He spent the remainder of the day, when not sunning on the patio, on the back of the couch.

The weather was so nice so I took the opportunity to start doing some spring gardening! I went outside and cleaned up my patio area and planted a bunch of new flowers. These are only some of my flowers on the patio. Many of them are from the past few years, having survived even the freezes of the past winter! But I have a few new ones. It was fun getting dirty. I so rarely do that.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Customer Service

So, we have a convention that is being held in another state. Way out west. It's next week. So all materials have to be shipped. The coordinator calls the shipping company several times to find out what the latest possible date is to ship something there at the cheapest price and that is today. So she sets up a pick up for today. They tell her the guy will be there between 12 pm and 5 pm. This isn't something new for our office. We do this kind of stuff year after year.

At 8:30ish this morning (well before noon), the guy comes to pick everything up. Of course the boxes are not ready (all 23 of various sizes and weights). The coordinator tells the driver that we were given a time of between 12 and 5, which he says he was not told. So, of course, the question comes up, can you come back? "I'll try." That's what the driver says. "I'll try."

Once he leaves, the coordinator gets on the phone with the shipping company. After a very long conversation, she sets up another pick up time of 11 a.m. Everyone in the office pitches in to get the boxes ready in just 2 short hours. The boxes are ready to go at 11 a.m. Does the driver come back? No, of course not.

Around 2ish the driver is back. He walks in our office and sees the 23 boxes and says "I can't pick all this up." Seriously all, he was not going to pick up our boxes. He wanted to send someone back. Did he not have room in his truck for it all? NO! He said he just didn't have time to pick them up. DID NOT HAVE TIME! He wanted us to put everything outside the office building so someone else could pick it up after 5 pm today.

One of our co-workers had enough sass to tell him no we would not do that and that if getting all the boxes out to the truck in a timely manner was the issue he didn't have to worry about it. Us, women, would get it out there. All 4 of us in the office loaded up our dollies (we each have one in our office because we are always moving things) and we had all 23 boxes outside for him to load in under 5 minutes.

The point of this rant? Where did customer service go? The man had a job, that he is paid for, should be thankful for in this economy, and because there were too many boxes, he didn't want to. That company is going to be getting an earful from our office!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is here!

Today was a beautiful day! Ok, I admit, I didn't know that till I left work today, I was still able to enjoy some of it! Duke and I took a little walk in the business complex across from my apartment. Got a little sun and fresh air after 5 days of rain! It was so nice to move around, clear the head, and well, I think I actually got a little pink today! LOL! As you can see in the picture, the azaleas are blooming! It was 80 degrees today and it is supposed to be in the upper 70s to low 80s for the rest of the week!

Has anyone seen the new Passione Ricamo patterns? I am lusting after Spring Beauty Princess. I am trying to refrain from purchasing this one. I've never done one of these patterns, although there are some very beautiful ones. I might put this pattern and the fabric for it on my birthday list. I can hold off for 2 more months. My birthday isn't that far away!

Monday, March 16, 2009

LIfe Update

Wow! Time has been flying. It is the middle of March already! I feel like the world is just moving so fast these days! I've been working so much on different conventions that I sometimes don't know what day it is! But hopefully things will be slowing down and I can start focusing on things like reading, stitching, getting ready for spring!!!

I finished up a convention this past week that I had been working on for the past 3 weeks. It was a big one but since I wasn't the lead coordinator on it, I enjoyed it even more! But I have to say I was a "meanie" at times due to the amount of work stress going on! I have to thank my wonderful Sailor for putting up with me and being my support through it all! I don't know how I would have gotten through it without ya!

I found out this weekend that my cousin was accepted into MIT! Wow! That's a huge achievement. While he is happy with that, he is holding out for Stanford! I can't even imagine! I did well in school, all A's, but not well enough to even be looked at by either of those schools!

Getting excited about my trip to see the family in May for my cousin's graduation. I haven't been "home" in about 10 years. That's way too long to have gone with out a visit!!! So I will be making up for it. My mom, my sister and I will all be there. I can't even tell you the last time we were all there together at the same time. It will be great fun to see the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins again!

I hope to start having more updates on stitching to share. I am currently working on two mainly, Dragon Knot and Buzz. Although, I just might bring some other projects into the mix! Don't want to be bored!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Color the World Exchange

I participated in the color the world exchange on my I Love Cross Stitch group. The idea was to send items to your partner in their favorite color. I was partnered with Mary from Illinois. Today I received my box of goodies. There are some really pretty floss and a piece of fabric that makes me want to find the absolute perfect pattern to go with it so I can start stitching on it right away! It was definitely nice to come home to these surprises!

Buzz and Dragon

Despite spending the last 3 weeks working on a big convention (which thankfully ended today!), I was able to spend some time on stitching. Today I was able to finish the 2nd page of Buzz:

I also picked up Dragon again. I recently joined Our Friends' HAED SAL. If you want to see some terrific stitching on HAED patterns, this is the blog to read!!!! Anyway, despite being tired from work, I was able to get a little bit of stitching done on Dragon Knot:

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Finally Finished!

I have finally finished Eeyore! Yay! I am so excited. Next payday I will go to the fabric store to purchase some fabric, hopefully either an Eeyore or Winnie the Pooh patterned fabric, to finish the back on it!

Weekend Update

This weekend, in South Louisiana, has been a sunny and hot one! I believe yesterday we reached 83 degrees and today we are on our way to that again!

I took Duke to the dog park. There were about 10 to 15 other little dogs in the little dog section and of course, I brought him there so he could play and wear himself out and he would have nothing to do with any of them! He would just ignore them and walk around the yard all by himself. I did manage to click a few pics.

I also have been working on Buzz this weekend. I completed 1 out of 4 pages. I'm hoping that it is a quick stitch. Since it's not a pattern that appeals to me, it is so hard for me to work on it!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cup Cakes

Today at work we celebrated the birthday of a co-worker. Her actual birthday is Saturday but since she doesn't work on Fridays, we did it today. I went off to a local bakery this morning and instead of a cake I picked up some cupcakes. I thought this would be a much better idea because this way, there would be no left overs to deal with! I wanted to share some pictures of the cup cakes because they were just so cute!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Package in the mail!

Don't you love it when you come home and you have a package in the mailbox for you? I know I do. Today's package was full of the threads and pattern for Nora Corbett's Holly! I cannot wait to start it!!!! But I will not till I finish Eeyore! At least that is what I keep telling myself!

Speaking of Eeyore. I am so very close to being done. If I don't finish it this week, then I am just being incredibly lazy!!! As you can see, I just have the bottom right corner left to do. It's not really a bad amount. I'll try to work on it tonight while I am watching the finale of The Bachelor.

This weekend was relaxing but kind of busy. I was lucky enough to get my hair cut and colored on Saturday, followed by a trip to Hobby Lobby, and then a very exciting LSU men's basketball game. The weather also went from hot to cold in one day! Saturday started off in the 70s and by 5 pm it was 49 degrees!!! I loathe when it does that. Sunday was a pretty day with white fluffy clouds and bright sunshine. Duke enjoyed spending some time out on the balcony. HOWEVER, it was all very deceiving!! The wind was wickedly bitter cold and the temps were in the low 50s! I am so glad I decided not to go to the LSU baseball game!!!! On Sunday, I caught up with an old friend/boyfriend of mine from high school. We hadn't seen each other probably since sophomore year in high school. Through Facebook we were able to reconnect and it was really nice catching up with him and comparing notes on where we've ended up in our lives!!!

This week is going to be a very busy week at work. I have a mini-convention on Friday and then I am also helping another coordinator with her convention which is next week. And it's a big one! Over 600 participants. That is double my largest convention!!!! It's already kicking my butt! But I did hear from My Sailor today and he is once again, or at least I am assuming he is (I guess I should have gotten that clarified!), that he is back on land again! At least he is alive! :)

I hope to make some progress this week on stitching and hope to share that with all of you later! Have a great week!