Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Weekend

I've been working on Buzz. He's 75% completed. I am hoping that I finish him up by next weekend! Then all I will have to do is finish him as a photo album. Maybe this can be an Easter present? Hmmm, I won't put a deadline on it because I will never meet it then! LOL!

This weekend was super beautiful here! Sunny skies, warm weather, not a cloud in the sky! I was able to take Duke to the dog park two days in a row. On Saturday he was so well behaved and played with the other dogs. On Sunday, he decided he was going to be a grumpy old man and be by himself. Should any other dog come by him, he snapped at them. We only stayed about 40 minutes. But in that 40 minutes he managed to get super duper dirty so he was whisked to the bath immediately upon our return home. He spent the remainder of the day, when not sunning on the patio, on the back of the couch.

The weather was so nice so I took the opportunity to start doing some spring gardening! I went outside and cleaned up my patio area and planted a bunch of new flowers. These are only some of my flowers on the patio. Many of them are from the past few years, having survived even the freezes of the past winter! But I have a few new ones. It was fun getting dirty. I so rarely do that.


Tammy said...

Nice pics and as always, Buzz is looking great!

Wendy said...

Great pictures of your patio. Buzz is looking great! I'm a big disney lover too.

CindyMae said...

Buzz is looking great! Love the patio area, wish I had one! LOL But seriously it looks lovely and I hope that you share pics once the flowers start blooming!