Thursday, March 19, 2009

Customer Service

So, we have a convention that is being held in another state. Way out west. It's next week. So all materials have to be shipped. The coordinator calls the shipping company several times to find out what the latest possible date is to ship something there at the cheapest price and that is today. So she sets up a pick up for today. They tell her the guy will be there between 12 pm and 5 pm. This isn't something new for our office. We do this kind of stuff year after year.

At 8:30ish this morning (well before noon), the guy comes to pick everything up. Of course the boxes are not ready (all 23 of various sizes and weights). The coordinator tells the driver that we were given a time of between 12 and 5, which he says he was not told. So, of course, the question comes up, can you come back? "I'll try." That's what the driver says. "I'll try."

Once he leaves, the coordinator gets on the phone with the shipping company. After a very long conversation, she sets up another pick up time of 11 a.m. Everyone in the office pitches in to get the boxes ready in just 2 short hours. The boxes are ready to go at 11 a.m. Does the driver come back? No, of course not.

Around 2ish the driver is back. He walks in our office and sees the 23 boxes and says "I can't pick all this up." Seriously all, he was not going to pick up our boxes. He wanted to send someone back. Did he not have room in his truck for it all? NO! He said he just didn't have time to pick them up. DID NOT HAVE TIME! He wanted us to put everything outside the office building so someone else could pick it up after 5 pm today.

One of our co-workers had enough sass to tell him no we would not do that and that if getting all the boxes out to the truck in a timely manner was the issue he didn't have to worry about it. Us, women, would get it out there. All 4 of us in the office loaded up our dollies (we each have one in our office because we are always moving things) and we had all 23 boxes outside for him to load in under 5 minutes.

The point of this rant? Where did customer service go? The man had a job, that he is paid for, should be thankful for in this economy, and because there were too many boxes, he didn't want to. That company is going to be getting an earful from our office!


Lou's addictions said...

So many people dont seem to be greatful to be in employment despite the economy, but if they moan while they are employed then I'm pretty sure that if they had to lose their job they would be devastated.

Terry said...

Every time I hear a story like this I think of all the unemployed people who would love to have a job right now. Sad to know that a lot of people who have a job don't seem to care about giving their best while doing that job. If they were in the other people's shoes they'd change their tune right quick. (and wish that they had done it sooner too I bet!)

Tammy said...

Don't blame ya--they'd be getting an earful, PLUS a letter, from me!