Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day full of family, friends and good food! I currently have a sweet potato pie cooking in the oven and am packing things so that I am ready to spend the day at my parents house! It is predicted to rain on Thanksgiving Day so I am hoping to get some stitching done!

I will take some pictures this weekend of the stitching I have done up to this point and post them!

Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck to those who are going out shopping on Black Friday!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok, so how many of you have a profile on facebook? A friend of mine recently "invited" me to view his profile, thus meaning I had to create a profile to see his. Just another reason to be on the computer! I am now spending way too much time on the computer, between reading emails, facebook, reading blogs, blogging, etc.......I have to admit that the upside to the facebook is that I have been able to start catching up with some friends from high school. We all sorted of drifted apart due to life, distance, families, etc. But now, we can actually catch up with each other! I've even found an ex-boyfriend on there! So while it's definitely a great networking tool, it encourages way too much time on the computer!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! And I don't know what ya'lls weather is like, but here it is COLD! So, stay warm!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I've had this quilt for two years. Last week, I finally dragged it out to start it. It's for my good friend Sarah's oldest daughter who will be 2 next month. The newest baby, born in October, will just have to wait 2 years for hers! LOL! I don't typically do stamped cross stitch as I see absolutely no challenge to do it, but it's Eeyore!

I finished the backstitching on Poppy today and started the beading. This is my first time beading and I have to stay I find it very tedious and slow. So after probably only 10 beads, I had to put it down. I am just not in the mood to bead! I think you have to be in an incredibly good, happy, patient mood to bead! And the invisible thread! It really is invisible! You can't see the darn thread! I thought I would be able to finish this one quickly, but I think it is going to be a challenge!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A New Look

Hi ya'll! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Recently I've begun to get bored with the look of my blog so I did some searching and found this template which I think is appropriate for the upcoming holiday season! Plus I just like the way it looks! I hope you enjoy it! I'll try to post some pictures soon of what I've been stitching on lately!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Another Finish!

Since I didn't have the thread to finish Poppy, I started a new one last Sunday. It took me exactaly one week to finish. This is one for my nephew as he picked this one out for me to do for him. Had I known it would have been such a quick stitch, I would have done it much sooner!

Now off to work on another project or maybe kit up a new one! Not sure! Hope you all have a good week!

****Update: it was asked who this was designed by. It is by Sue Hillis Designs, Inc. This pattern is Boo-gie Fever. There was a website on the pattern, Happy Stitching!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween and Update on Poppy

Each year, my mom and I buy my friends' two children their Halloween costumes. We started this many years ago when Marly was born. So each year, they are allowed to pick out a costume at the Disney store. They love doing this. They love to dress up all year round. This year, Marly was Giselle from Enchanted and Parker was Buzz Lightyear. Too cute! This was actually Parker's second time being Buzz. He loved it so much when he was younger that he wanted to do it again!

I have been working on Poppy these days and am so close to finishing. I'm almost done with all the backstitching which would leave the beading to do. Unfortunately I have run out of kreinik to finish the back stitching. So I am hoping that Michael's will have some other wise I will have to put Poppy away for the time being until I can get to the cross stitch store which won't open till Tuesday.