Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Witching Hour Ball

It's not quite October yet but all the Halloween stuff is out already! I love Halloween. I like all the scary, spooky stuff, especially the movies! This year, my friends and I are attending the Witching Hour Ball in New Orleans, or better known as Anne Rice's Vampire Ball. I am so very excited. I have always wanted to attend. Costumes or evening wear can be worn so if I can't find a costume, I can wear my red ball gown and add some flourishes like vampire teeth. To top it off, one of my favorite authors, Sherrilyn Kenyon, is going to be the special guest! I can't wait to go and take tons of pictures to share!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday Blahs....

What a nasty day! It's all rainy and grey outside. And I had to work! LOL! Darn bills! And well, I guess I do need to eat! It was a semi-busy day at work. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I started to get into a groove, the power went off! Messed everything up! The network and the phones. It took about 15-20 minutes for it all to come back up!

I did get a call from my honey this morning! He was on the ship doing whatever it is that he does. Ok, obviously not that busy as he called me! He's doing well. He said we needed to discuss my visit to see him but the only thing we accomplished was that we both are busy! If I am free, he is working. If he is free I am working or already have a trip planned. But I am positive that we will resolve that. The worst part is that we discovered we will both be in Alabama at the same time but still 5 hours apart and no way that we can meet in the middle any where! His daughter turned 13 this weekend. Wow! 13! What an exciting time. I'm not sure he is quite aware of what that means for a girl turning 13. He does know that she is now allowed to wear limited makeup. LOL! All I can do is laugh!

Getting there on Amore! Almost done! I can see that light at the end of the tunnel. I'm hoping by this weekend I will have a finished picture to post! And that will mean that I will start my next project! I haven't quite gotten myself up to start multiple projects at once. Maybe one day! Baby steps!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Fun

This weekend I was blessed with my niece and nephew. They are two very good kids who have TONS of energy. I kept my nephew over night on Friday while my niece stayed with my parents (her choice since she was originally supposed to stay with me). Parker and I spent Friday evening watching Chronicles of Narnia and playing video games. And although he was given the option of sleeping in my room with me, he opted for the couch! Hmmmm, could it be my snoring? LOL! Marly spent the evening with my parents reading books and watching Beauty and the Beast.

My mom and I took them on Saturday to get their Halloween costumes. A tradition I started when my niece Marly was just a baby. While Parker already had made his decision about his costume, Marly pondered many options! There was Alice in Wonderland, Mulan, Belle, etc. But she choose Jasmine. Parker will be Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribbean. Aren't they just too cute? We had so much fun! We did arts and crafts projects, colored pages from coloring books, played Pirates, watched the LSU game! They wore me out! When I was bringing them back to their parents, I thought I would feel relieved because I would be able to get some rest, but I wasn't. I miss them! It's too quiet around here without them!

I am posting this update on Amore. I was only able to get in a little bit of stitching on Friday evening and I've worked on it for a few hours today. I plan on doing some more tonight. I'm hoping to maybe finish it this week if it is not a busy week! I have no new books to distract me so it might get done!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is my next project, The Kiss. It was a pattern I picked up on clearance at Michael's ages ago but had been too scared to start on because it is to be done on LINEN! But now that I almost have my first project done on linen, I feel up to the challenge. My friend Joy picked this one out of all my patterns and asked if I would do it so I said yes but she is well aware she may not get it years from now!

This is the fabric that I picked out to do The Kiss on. The original fabric color it called for was discontinued so I purchased this one, Cranberry Cobbler, from the Sugar Maple Fabrics website. It is a 28 count Lugana. The pattern calls for it to be stitched over two and that will be a new venture for me!

This is an update on my current project. This is being done on 25 count Jubilee. It's done over one. It's been tedious but I've enjoyed it. I was hoping to have it done this weekend but don't see it happening as I will have my niece and nephew visiting Friday and Saturday!

I know these pictures aren't the greatest but have you ever noticed how one day you can take the best pictures of your projects and then the next day you can't get any of the lighting right? Frustrating!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


It was a beautiful weekend! Sunny skies! Not a cloud around! Slight breeze! And of course, LSU won! Yeah!

I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time out on my balcony. Here are some pictures of my pretty plants and my dog Duke enjoying himself outside!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Best Description of LSU

If you are a LSU fan, check out this link!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Our Story....

Karen, per your request!

Ron and I met in January of 2005. Well, actually we didn’t physically meet until February of 2005. Sometime in January we met over the internet. I don’t know how or where but I know it was over the internet. We talked for a while on there and then it moved to phone calls and then he finally wore me down to meet in person.

It’s been a while and I haven’t really thought about it but I know that the first time we met, we just clicked. There was no shyness, there were no awkward feelings. It was just fun and comfortable. He had just gotten divorced recently. So one of the things we discussed was that he was not looking for a relationship nor did he want to ever be married again. I wanted to get married and wanted a relationship. So we agreed to be just friends.

We continued to talk, email and have an occasional visit (he was stationed in Mississippi and I am in Louisiana) from the time we met till the time he was moved to Virginia in August 2006. The last time I saw him before he moved was early August. I definitely didn’t want to see him go but I promised him that I would still keep in touch.

I kept my promise. We talked on the phone and emailed. I never felt uncomfortable telling him anything. He would listen to me and he wouldn’t pass judgment. It was the same for him. He would tell me something and I would try to help him with it or laugh or whatever the situation called for.

He shipped out on his 6 month tour around Halloween of 2006. He’s on a submarine so communication is difficult. I sent him emails and goody boxes (I have to say, I do some really GOOD boxes!). I would get an occasional email from him and a phone call when he was in port. Everyone kept telling me that it had to be more than friendship. No guy calls a girl in the states when he is over in China (he wasn’t really in China, I just can’t remember the different places he was in!). Then I got my first box of presents! He bought me this beautiful handmade journal from Guam. I also got this pretty sea green sarong. They were both wonderful.

He finally got home at the end of May 2007. He was coming home to Mississippi to visit his family at the end of June. That just happened to be the time I was going to be in Mississippi for a convention with the association that I work with. I had free time on Friday so he came down to spend some time with me. He brought me more presents! They were for my birthday which was at the end of May. He bought me a beautiful hand-painted ceramic sunflower, a St.Michael/Navy medallion keychain, and a white crystal rosary bracelet. I was stunned. Sunflowers are my favorite flower (no I had never told him that) and the rosary bracelet matched my rosary that I own (no he had never seen it). He said that he just thought the flower was pretty and he bought the bracelet because he remembered that I was Catholic. We spent about 3 -4 hours together. I was nervous! I hadn’t seen him since last August. But it was like we were never apart! We talked and talked. Funny that we even had anything to say to each other because we email and talk on the phone!

After that visit things didn’t go so well. His ex-wife wanted to get back with him and he was going to give it a try. We both weren’t handling that situation very well so it resulted in us not speaking for about 1 1/2 months. I still emailed him and in early August I got an email saying that he missed me and that he had been stupid about this whole situation.

Then the infamous email from last week. Asking why hadn’t we ever considered pursuing a relationship. We’ve talked briefly since then, exchanged a few emails. We both have our reservations. We don’t want to ruin what we have currently but it might be worth seeing if there is more. We both know we love and care deeply for each other. We have a great time together. We tell each other everything. We’ll just see how it goes! He is over 1,000 miles away and I am not ready to move out there. So we are both scared out of our minds and we are going to move very slllooowwwwwlllly. We are hoping to see each other soon but if not, we will see each other at Christmas. Until then it will be phone calls and emails as usual.

Sorry the story wasn’t very exciting. The feelings just kind of happened. There wasn’t any really one thing that jumps out.

A little cross stitch note: I finally got my fabric in from Sugar Maple Fabrics. I purchased 28 count Lugana colored Cranberry Cobbler to use on The Kiss! I can't wait to finish my current project so I can start The Kiss!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Better Late Than Never!

I know that I said I would post earlier this week but I have literally been in the land of confusion! But thankfully, I have returned from that trip! LOL!

Last week my best friend, who is currently living in Virginia (he's in the military and currently stationed there), decided to ask me a question that, while it had crossed my mind, was not one that I expected from him. He asked "Why hadn't we ever taken our relationship to the next level?" That caused me to have to stop and do a lot of thinking. The end result? We have decided to take things very slowly and explore our options. But whatever happens, I know that we are going to always be friends. So wish me luck as I now try to find my way from "single" land to the land of "the committed relationship" - long distance!!!!

Monday was Celestine's 33rd birthday! Joy and I took her to IHOP for pancakes. While that sounds like we are cheap, we really aren't. The restaurant was completely Celestine's choice! Below are some pictures from that night!

Now, here is an update on my current WIP. I haven't been able to do much stitching lately. As I previously mentioned, I have been quite distracted and not motivated. But I am determined to get more done this weekend so that I can show significant progress by Sunday!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Short Post

I know I haven't posted since Monday. Bad, bad, bad me! I've had some "upheaval" in my life recently. Nothing bad. At least not yet! LOL! I hope I will be able to post an update on WIP tomorrow and also have some good news about tonight's LSU - Virginia Tech game!

I hope everyone has had a good week and will have a better weekend!

Monday, September 03, 2007

WIP Update

I promised this update so here it is. I really wanted to finish the bottom portion before posting but I just didn't think it was going to happen today! But it will hopefully be by the end of this week!