Thursday, September 13, 2007

Better Late Than Never!

I know that I said I would post earlier this week but I have literally been in the land of confusion! But thankfully, I have returned from that trip! LOL!

Last week my best friend, who is currently living in Virginia (he's in the military and currently stationed there), decided to ask me a question that, while it had crossed my mind, was not one that I expected from him. He asked "Why hadn't we ever taken our relationship to the next level?" That caused me to have to stop and do a lot of thinking. The end result? We have decided to take things very slowly and explore our options. But whatever happens, I know that we are going to always be friends. So wish me luck as I now try to find my way from "single" land to the land of "the committed relationship" - long distance!!!!

Monday was Celestine's 33rd birthday! Joy and I took her to IHOP for pancakes. While that sounds like we are cheap, we really aren't. The restaurant was completely Celestine's choice! Below are some pictures from that night!

Now, here is an update on my current WIP. I haven't been able to do much stitching lately. As I previously mentioned, I have been quite distracted and not motivated. But I am determined to get more done this weekend so that I can show significant progress by Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations and good luck with your new relationship! Come on though, we have a NEED to know more information lol.

Amore is looking fantastic! You are so patient to be able to stitch these designs.

Romantic Fool said...

Just for you! I will try to post a little "history" of our relationship!

And I have really enjoyed doing this design! There have been a few places, where it was tedious, especially using the Kreinik thread, but overall I've been pleased!