Friday, September 14, 2007

Our Story....

Karen, per your request!

Ron and I met in January of 2005. Well, actually we didn’t physically meet until February of 2005. Sometime in January we met over the internet. I don’t know how or where but I know it was over the internet. We talked for a while on there and then it moved to phone calls and then he finally wore me down to meet in person.

It’s been a while and I haven’t really thought about it but I know that the first time we met, we just clicked. There was no shyness, there were no awkward feelings. It was just fun and comfortable. He had just gotten divorced recently. So one of the things we discussed was that he was not looking for a relationship nor did he want to ever be married again. I wanted to get married and wanted a relationship. So we agreed to be just friends.

We continued to talk, email and have an occasional visit (he was stationed in Mississippi and I am in Louisiana) from the time we met till the time he was moved to Virginia in August 2006. The last time I saw him before he moved was early August. I definitely didn’t want to see him go but I promised him that I would still keep in touch.

I kept my promise. We talked on the phone and emailed. I never felt uncomfortable telling him anything. He would listen to me and he wouldn’t pass judgment. It was the same for him. He would tell me something and I would try to help him with it or laugh or whatever the situation called for.

He shipped out on his 6 month tour around Halloween of 2006. He’s on a submarine so communication is difficult. I sent him emails and goody boxes (I have to say, I do some really GOOD boxes!). I would get an occasional email from him and a phone call when he was in port. Everyone kept telling me that it had to be more than friendship. No guy calls a girl in the states when he is over in China (he wasn’t really in China, I just can’t remember the different places he was in!). Then I got my first box of presents! He bought me this beautiful handmade journal from Guam. I also got this pretty sea green sarong. They were both wonderful.

He finally got home at the end of May 2007. He was coming home to Mississippi to visit his family at the end of June. That just happened to be the time I was going to be in Mississippi for a convention with the association that I work with. I had free time on Friday so he came down to spend some time with me. He brought me more presents! They were for my birthday which was at the end of May. He bought me a beautiful hand-painted ceramic sunflower, a St.Michael/Navy medallion keychain, and a white crystal rosary bracelet. I was stunned. Sunflowers are my favorite flower (no I had never told him that) and the rosary bracelet matched my rosary that I own (no he had never seen it). He said that he just thought the flower was pretty and he bought the bracelet because he remembered that I was Catholic. We spent about 3 -4 hours together. I was nervous! I hadn’t seen him since last August. But it was like we were never apart! We talked and talked. Funny that we even had anything to say to each other because we email and talk on the phone!

After that visit things didn’t go so well. His ex-wife wanted to get back with him and he was going to give it a try. We both weren’t handling that situation very well so it resulted in us not speaking for about 1 1/2 months. I still emailed him and in early August I got an email saying that he missed me and that he had been stupid about this whole situation.

Then the infamous email from last week. Asking why hadn’t we ever considered pursuing a relationship. We’ve talked briefly since then, exchanged a few emails. We both have our reservations. We don’t want to ruin what we have currently but it might be worth seeing if there is more. We both know we love and care deeply for each other. We have a great time together. We tell each other everything. We’ll just see how it goes! He is over 1,000 miles away and I am not ready to move out there. So we are both scared out of our minds and we are going to move very slllooowwwwwlllly. We are hoping to see each other soon but if not, we will see each other at Christmas. Until then it will be phone calls and emails as usual.

Sorry the story wasn’t very exciting. The feelings just kind of happened. There wasn’t any really one thing that jumps out.

A little cross stitch note: I finally got my fabric in from Sugar Maple Fabrics. I purchased 28 count Lugana colored Cranberry Cobbler to use on The Kiss! I can't wait to finish my current project so I can start The Kiss!


Anonymous said...

Aww, I think that's a lovely story and I hope you manage to make something of this, even with the distance. You seem to know each other very well even after a short time.

I met my DH on the internet, kind of. He was a friend of a friend I met on the internet and she introduced us (on the internet). What would we do without the www eh?

Bliss said...

Yes, a lovely story. Slow is good. Ex-wives can be such a pain! 'What would we do without the www?' asked Karen. I'd be single! LOL

My hubby & I met 5 yrs ago this week through an online dating group. We didn't have any intention of romance, but it happened anyway. We've been married for just over 2 years.

sugardoll said...

What a lovely story!!!

I met DH on the internet as well (icq) in 2001, I came from the Philippines, and he flew to see me late December that year. We spent the new year together for the first time. We had long distance relationship for a long time, we got married a year and half later (feb 2003). I moved to the U.S. in Aug. 2004, and gave birth to our son the next year Sept. 2005. He is a terrible two now LOL.

Ya know...The star-crossed lovers, is what Shakespeare said. *^_^*