Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A 10 minute conversation

How can one 10 minute conversation bring one person so much joy and yet so much confusion? My friend called me tonight from the submarine. They are preparing to go out to sea again and he wanted to call me before they headed out again. He was on his lunch break. Yep, it was shortly after noon on Wednesday for him while it is just after 8 p.m. on Tuesday for me. How odd to be talking to someone who is already living the next day. It's almost to wrap one's mind around!

Anyway, I told him I was surprised that he called as it really wasn't something that he typically does. Although he said he was going to call, that doesn't mean he is going to. But because I know that about him, it wouldn't have bothered me that he didn't call and it made the call that much sweeter that he did call. He said that he had to call his "#1". What does that mean? #1 friend? #1 buddy? #1 lover? Ok, possibly trying to read more into a simple phrase than is needed. I should just be thankful that I have found a man that I can have a true friendship with. One that I can tell him anything and am not afraid that there will be reprecussions, like he thinks I am crazy or gets irritated with me. And we can joke and talk about things, like sex, and other people we are interested in, etc.

We are both so appreciative of what each other does. He so enjoyed the box of goodies I sent and the emails and letters that he gets. And I am so very appreciate, and shocked, that he even thought of me to purchase me gifts. Which by the way, I will still not be getting any time soon as he did not make it to the post office before they took off! (LOL!) It's ok. It's the thought that counts in this matter.

Anyway, he was making me laugh with stories of the men who have discovered "the massage parlors." He said for $70.00 one could get whatever they wanted. I just HAD to ask if he was partaking in these adventures also. His response was an adament "NO". He doesn't want to get any "funk". LOL! He said that he didn't need any of that. That he could wait till later. (Ok, yes, I pondered what later meant and who later also meant.) He said that while they do have some good times and party hard, there are many bad days for them.

I asked about the weather and he said he was sweating his ass off. It is like we are in two opposite worlds. He was in day and I am in night. He is sweating his ass off and I am freezing my booty off! Similar but different.

He was telling me that once I get the sarong I could wear it to the beach or to my pool that I have at my apartment. And the book he bought me is a photo album that is hand made in the region they were in. I really can't wait to get them but I will just have to be patient. One day I know he will make it to the post office. Although I have already gotten more from him than I could ever imagine.

So in that simple 10 minute conversation, although it raised up more questions for me that I am sure I will ponder for a few days, it also made me very happy. Such a simple thing. A conversation.

From Bad to Good

Today started out as looking like it might be that great of a day. I had gone to bed with a headache last night and I woke up with the headache. Never a good sign. In fact, as I write this blog, I still have the headache. Ok, besides the headache, it is once again suppose to rain. The sun has gone away again! However, I still got out of bed and began my daily routine. Part of that routine is checking my personal emails. I had two emails this morning. I pulled up my mail box and they were from Ron! Yeah!

Ron was responding to my pathetic email from this weekend when I had my mini nervous breakdown about my bedroom window leaking still, my cat having worms, the stress from planning convention at work, and then because my computer decided to go stupid on me when I was talking to him on yahoo. He is FINALLY (or so he says per his email) sending me my gifts! I can’t wait. But since he has taken so long (and because I probably sounded so pathetic) he sent me pictures of my gifts! I am so excited to actually see them in person! And then he added a picture of himself!

I was happy to see that he looks good. And it looks more like he is on vacation than working! I was very happy to see my presents! I can’t wait to get them! So even though I have this HUGE migraine headache, I actually have a smile on my face!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Rare Sight....

Spiraling Out of Control

Do you ever get that feeling that things are just so out of control? That you don't know how to fix even the simplest things? This weekend has been one of those weekends.

First, my bedroom window was leaking, AGAIN. This has been on going since early January since the squirrels decided to try to move in to my bedroom. I was told that the repairs done on Friday would finally fix everything. Well, it hasn't. So now on Monday I have to go and battle the apartment office again!

Second, and this is gross so if you have a weak stomach proceed to the next paragraph, I found worms in my cat's stool! Yep, worms. The cat is an indoor cat. He does not go outside and yet he still has worms. So now I have to take him to the vet and spend money I don't have! Not only do I have to take him, but I have to take the dog too since they both spend time in the same areas.

Third, when I was feeling my lowest, my friend Ron IM'd me. For those who don't know, Ron is currently on a submarine somewhere in the world but is in port somewhere for a few weeks and able to communicate every once in a while. Well, guess what? My computer decided to freak out. Yep, I was finally feeling a grip on reality because I was able to speak to him and my computer decided to go nuts and kick me off the internet! What did I do? I cried. I cried hard. Once I was able to get back on, of course he was gone. So I wrote him an email to let him know that he didn't say anything to upset me.

At that point I decided to sit down, watch a movie and work on my cross stitch. Yes, MY cross stitch. I am finally doing one that if for me! Just for me! I haven't been able to get all the materials for the project I am going to do for my friend, Joy, so I started on this one that I had purchased for myself about two years ago. I can't wait to finish it. But it is slow going. I have to change colors very often. I try to do a block of one color as much as I can, but still have to change often and that slows the process down. Hopefully it won't take me more than a few years to do it! LOL!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jupiter Ball

Saturday, January 20th was the date of the fourth annual Jupiter ball. Jupiter is a fairly new krewe in Baton Rouge who's goal is to bring traditional New Orleans parade and events to Baton Rouge. I've been to their parade for the past two years and have to say that it is the best mardi gras parade in Baton Rouge. Very close to a New Orleans parade.

This year, I was lucky enough to go to the ball! An opportunity to dress up in a fancy formal gown and be all pretty and elegant. My mother helped me out by purchasing my dress and accessories. Plus with some other donated items from my friend, Bean, the outfit was complete! (You can't see it, but I wore the butterfly clip in my hair. I got MANY compliments on it! Thanks!)

Everyone looked so pretty. All of us in our dresses! It's amazing how a pretty dress can make you feel so good! I spent the entire night "swishing my skirt"!

The theme of the ball was "Nightmare on Fourth Street." For those who know me, this is a dream come true. I LOVE horror! There were demons and monsters walking around the crowd, mingling and scaring guests. We ate, we drank, and danced the night away! It was so much fun!
I've been to Bacchus ball a few years ago. This was not the same in the sense that there was no parade. The court was introduced and walked through the crowd throwing a FEW trinkets but not like Bacchus where the entire parade rolls through and they throw tons and tons of beads! But it was still fun!

I look forward to being able to go again next year. The only improvement over this year would to be to have an actual date! I'll even wear the same dress, if it still fits, because I absolutely adore that dress! However, when I bought it, it fit PERFECTLY. When I put it on Saturday night, I had some extra room in it! I'm not complaining! I love the fact I lost some inches, just not looking forward to that tailoring bill! LOL!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Going to the bathroom is just a trip that one must make several times a day. What you do in there is your business. However, what are you missing when you go to the bathroom? What continues to go on in the world when you are in the bathroom?

This is probably way TMI however, every day at work I have to go to the bathroom around 10 a.m. It could be all the DDP that I drank that morning kicking in as I drink it at the same time every morning. Regardless, this happens every day around 10 a.m. Friday morning I had an extra glass of water along with the DDP so I had to go to the potty a little bit earlier. Well, while I was gone I missed a call on my cell phone. When I got back to my desk and saw the missed call I didn't think anything about it because 1) I didn't recognize the number and 2) there was no voice message. Well as I stared at the phone, the voice message symbol popped up. So I listened to it right then and there as I really was not motivated to do any work on that day. Pulled up the voice message system, typed in my password and I hear "Hey Girl, it's me." My heart drops! It's my friend in the Navy who is currently stationed on a submarine on the other side of the world! I had missed his call! Because i had to pee! I was so very upset. His message said he would try to call again in the evening (my time that is) or the next day.

Well Friday afternoon I was out with my mom running some last minute errands to gather some stuff for the mardi gras ball I am attending on Saturday evening. I get home and I have to dye my hair. But I am afraid to because he might call. But then I start to think. When he says he will call later that night he means in a couple of days! So I went and made myself some dinner, cleaned the kitchen up and then proceeded to the BATHROOM to dye my hair. So that takes me about 30 minutes. I go to take the materials to the kitchen to clean up (the sink in the kitchen is much bigger) and I pass by my computer. I have an IM. Who is it from? My friend on the sub! I had missed him again! Twice in one day. Because I was in the BATHROOM!

Luckily for me he was still online and we were able to have a quick chat before he had to go to duty. I have determined that a lot of life passes you by when you are in the bathroom. How you fix this though, I really don't know.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Over New Year's I went to visit my friend and her new husband and new baby. Isn't she adorable? Every one was telling me how natural I looked while holding her. I do enjoy being around babies but I don't think I want children of my own. I'm also thinking that my chances of having children are probably very slim as the men I seem to be attracted to are either done with having children or do not want children. Oh well. That is why I have friends who have children and then I can dote on them all I want and then, THE BEST PART, give them back at the end of the day! Yeah! So, if you are a friend of mine, get started having babies so I can have someone to spoil! :)