Saturday, January 20, 2007


Going to the bathroom is just a trip that one must make several times a day. What you do in there is your business. However, what are you missing when you go to the bathroom? What continues to go on in the world when you are in the bathroom?

This is probably way TMI however, every day at work I have to go to the bathroom around 10 a.m. It could be all the DDP that I drank that morning kicking in as I drink it at the same time every morning. Regardless, this happens every day around 10 a.m. Friday morning I had an extra glass of water along with the DDP so I had to go to the potty a little bit earlier. Well, while I was gone I missed a call on my cell phone. When I got back to my desk and saw the missed call I didn't think anything about it because 1) I didn't recognize the number and 2) there was no voice message. Well as I stared at the phone, the voice message symbol popped up. So I listened to it right then and there as I really was not motivated to do any work on that day. Pulled up the voice message system, typed in my password and I hear "Hey Girl, it's me." My heart drops! It's my friend in the Navy who is currently stationed on a submarine on the other side of the world! I had missed his call! Because i had to pee! I was so very upset. His message said he would try to call again in the evening (my time that is) or the next day.

Well Friday afternoon I was out with my mom running some last minute errands to gather some stuff for the mardi gras ball I am attending on Saturday evening. I get home and I have to dye my hair. But I am afraid to because he might call. But then I start to think. When he says he will call later that night he means in a couple of days! So I went and made myself some dinner, cleaned the kitchen up and then proceeded to the BATHROOM to dye my hair. So that takes me about 30 minutes. I go to take the materials to the kitchen to clean up (the sink in the kitchen is much bigger) and I pass by my computer. I have an IM. Who is it from? My friend on the sub! I had missed him again! Twice in one day. Because I was in the BATHROOM!

Luckily for me he was still online and we were able to have a quick chat before he had to go to duty. I have determined that a lot of life passes you by when you are in the bathroom. How you fix this though, I really don't know.

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