Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A 10 minute conversation

How can one 10 minute conversation bring one person so much joy and yet so much confusion? My friend called me tonight from the submarine. They are preparing to go out to sea again and he wanted to call me before they headed out again. He was on his lunch break. Yep, it was shortly after noon on Wednesday for him while it is just after 8 p.m. on Tuesday for me. How odd to be talking to someone who is already living the next day. It's almost to wrap one's mind around!

Anyway, I told him I was surprised that he called as it really wasn't something that he typically does. Although he said he was going to call, that doesn't mean he is going to. But because I know that about him, it wouldn't have bothered me that he didn't call and it made the call that much sweeter that he did call. He said that he had to call his "#1". What does that mean? #1 friend? #1 buddy? #1 lover? Ok, possibly trying to read more into a simple phrase than is needed. I should just be thankful that I have found a man that I can have a true friendship with. One that I can tell him anything and am not afraid that there will be reprecussions, like he thinks I am crazy or gets irritated with me. And we can joke and talk about things, like sex, and other people we are interested in, etc.

We are both so appreciative of what each other does. He so enjoyed the box of goodies I sent and the emails and letters that he gets. And I am so very appreciate, and shocked, that he even thought of me to purchase me gifts. Which by the way, I will still not be getting any time soon as he did not make it to the post office before they took off! (LOL!) It's ok. It's the thought that counts in this matter.

Anyway, he was making me laugh with stories of the men who have discovered "the massage parlors." He said for $70.00 one could get whatever they wanted. I just HAD to ask if he was partaking in these adventures also. His response was an adament "NO". He doesn't want to get any "funk". LOL! He said that he didn't need any of that. That he could wait till later. (Ok, yes, I pondered what later meant and who later also meant.) He said that while they do have some good times and party hard, there are many bad days for them.

I asked about the weather and he said he was sweating his ass off. It is like we are in two opposite worlds. He was in day and I am in night. He is sweating his ass off and I am freezing my booty off! Similar but different.

He was telling me that once I get the sarong I could wear it to the beach or to my pool that I have at my apartment. And the book he bought me is a photo album that is hand made in the region they were in. I really can't wait to get them but I will just have to be patient. One day I know he will make it to the post office. Although I have already gotten more from him than I could ever imagine.

So in that simple 10 minute conversation, although it raised up more questions for me that I am sure I will ponder for a few days, it also made me very happy. Such a simple thing. A conversation.

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randommoments said...

Maybe you could be his parlor girl when he gets home... you may find massages are your thing!