Tuesday, January 30, 2007

From Bad to Good

Today started out as looking like it might be that great of a day. I had gone to bed with a headache last night and I woke up with the headache. Never a good sign. In fact, as I write this blog, I still have the headache. Ok, besides the headache, it is once again suppose to rain. The sun has gone away again! However, I still got out of bed and began my daily routine. Part of that routine is checking my personal emails. I had two emails this morning. I pulled up my mail box and they were from Ron! Yeah!

Ron was responding to my pathetic email from this weekend when I had my mini nervous breakdown about my bedroom window leaking still, my cat having worms, the stress from planning convention at work, and then because my computer decided to go stupid on me when I was talking to him on yahoo. He is FINALLY (or so he says per his email) sending me my gifts! I can’t wait. But since he has taken so long (and because I probably sounded so pathetic) he sent me pictures of my gifts! I am so excited to actually see them in person! And then he added a picture of himself!

I was happy to see that he looks good. And it looks more like he is on vacation than working! I was very happy to see my presents! I can’t wait to get them! So even though I have this HUGE migraine headache, I actually have a smile on my face!

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randommoments said...

Just what you needed! He does look like he is on vacation... do I see an adult beverage in his hand?