Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where did August go?

August is almost over and before it is, I thought I should get one more blog in! This has been a very busy month. I was lucky enough to hear from my sailor twice (I'm so spoiled now!) and a trip to the beach (which was absoslutely wonderful) and then work has just been plain ole busy. And currently, we, here in Louisiana, are currently trying to prepare for a storm. Phones are ringing in the office and it is starting to get hectic. Although the storm is a good 5 days away, no one is taking it lightly after Katrina. I went to get batteries tonight and they were sold out. Thankfully, my mom will be out and about tomorrow and will have her eye out for batteries.

Now on to other things! I was given another award by Noreen! Yeah! She is so sweet! Here it is:

And for a stitching update. While August has been very busy, I did get some stitching in. Here are two pictures updating on Storykeep Iris and Dragon Knot both from HAED.

I love seeing the progress on these two! I'm hoping to finish Iris very soon. And well, if I get a few days off work from the Hurricane (which I really do hope does not come this way) and I still have power, I will get some more work done both!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Warm, fuzzy feelings....

and not because of the blazing heat we are currently experiencing in the South! It's been so hot and humid, even my dog doesn't want to go outside to take his walk!

Back to the warn and fuzzy feelings. I got an email from my sailor! The first since he went back out on the sub. He's doing fine. He teased me by saying that he has picked up a couple of things already on his travels for me. But won't tell me what! And the Navy has promised that they will be home BEFORE Christmas so he will be home for Christmas this year! Keep your fingers crossed.

My knees are doing much better. Just a tiny scab on each knee so that's good news!

The boss is away on vacation for a week! Woo hoo! That's always good news. The stress level has dropped to just about zero in the office!

I did pick up my stitching this week. I had gotten lazy for about a week and hadn't done any. So I do have an update of Dragon Knot. I'm slowly but surely getting it done!

I hope to be back tomorrow with another update or some kits that I am looking to dispense with. I'll keep ya'll posted!