Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Weekend

This is how much I have completed on the picture for the baby. It's a pretty easy stitch and I do hope to have it finished fairly quickly. Now, I did go get that thread that I need to finish Buzz. I haven't worked on it yet this weekend, but I just might. Definitely at some time this week!

It was a very pretty spring weekend after a very terrible week of storms. It was bright and sunny outside. Once I cleaned off the balcony, Duke was able to spend many hours out there. He loves to watch the squirrels and the black cats that seem to populate the courtyard.

This is Duke's favorite spot when he isn't outside. He can stand on top of the sofa and see outside. I think this is where he hangs out all day when I am at work. Gives him a great view of everything!


Tammy said...

You made good progress on your stitching. My son's nursery was "Classic Pooh" and I just love that design you have chosen! And Duke looks to be enjoying the weather.....

CindyMae said...

Your stitching progress looks fantastic!! Duke is so cute, we also have a Duke but he is black and a mix but he also loves to get on the back of the sofa and sleep there!