Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is here!

Today was a beautiful day! Ok, I admit, I didn't know that till I left work today, I was still able to enjoy some of it! Duke and I took a little walk in the business complex across from my apartment. Got a little sun and fresh air after 5 days of rain! It was so nice to move around, clear the head, and well, I think I actually got a little pink today! LOL! As you can see in the picture, the azaleas are blooming! It was 80 degrees today and it is supposed to be in the upper 70s to low 80s for the rest of the week!

Has anyone seen the new Passione Ricamo patterns? I am lusting after Spring Beauty Princess. I am trying to refrain from purchasing this one. I've never done one of these patterns, although there are some very beautiful ones. I might put this pattern and the fabric for it on my birthday list. I can hold off for 2 more months. My birthday isn't that far away!


Lou's addictions said...

She is a beauty, I had never heard of this company but I think I may have to take a look. So much for being good!!

Tammy said...

I SO cannot wait for true spring here in VA. We get 30 degrees one day and the next its 80--no kidding! That princess is just beautiful! That would sure be a gorgeous piece. I've not done any PR, but I love them!

Wendy said...

Yeah! Here it is spring time too. The sun is shining and people are feeling happy. I was waiting for this a long time.

Love that pattern. She is so gorgeous. I have never stitched one myself, but really love this one.

CindyMae said...

Sounds like a beautiful day indeed! I love the pattern. She is just so graceful looking! Just gorgeous!