Saturday, January 10, 2009

2 HAED Patterns for Trade

I have 2 HAED patterns that I am willing to trade. I've done them once and I know that I will never do them again as I don't typically stitch a pattern more than once, actually I have NEVER stitched a pattern more than once. So, if someone would like to make a trade for one or both, let me know! Otherwise, I'm just going to get rid of them as I don't need them taking up the space on my computer! :(

They are smaller HAED patterns. I think they are meant to be like book marks but they are bigger than that. They probably each took me about 6 months to complete, but then I'm not a very fast stitcher! But I certainly did enjoy stitching each! They were the first 2 HAED's I completed. I have already purchased several other HAED patterns as I love the pictures and the fact that there is no backstitching, knots, beading, etc. on them. All purely cross stitch!

Here they are:

Storykeep Amore

Iris Keeper Storykeep


andrea said...

I'm thinking about iris keeper what is it your looking to trade?

Lou's addictions said...

I'm passing on a tag. This is a fun one you should give it a go.

Lilian said...
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