Friday, January 30, 2009

Long Week

This week has been a long one. I spent most of the working hours on my convention which will be next week. Although I only put in a little over 2.5 hours of overtime this week, I feel like it was so much more! I got a lot done but I still have a ton to do next week. Next week I will work approximately 70 hours between Monday and Saturday. Yikes!!! But I just keep telling myself, "Big Check". You have to love being paid hourly at times like these!

Because I have been coming home later than usual every night and tired, I haven't been cooking. So my evening meals have been terrible! Cereal, leftovers, anything I can scrounge up without too much effort. So tonight on the way home I stopped off at Whole Foods. For just over $10 I picked up fried chicken, twice baked potato and broccoli crunch. I also picked up dessert, a small cup of chocolate mousse.

I am now looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Stitching, crafting, catching up on soap operas (a dirty secret of mine!), and getting ready to be gone the latter half of next week!

I hope everyone survived this week!

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Nancy said...

What type of work do you do?