Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Madness

After another sleepless night and a very long day at work, I have come home to put on my favorite 80's music channel and am jamming to the music! I am singing my favorite songs out loud and dancing around the kitchen as I make homemade blueberry muffins!

This weekend the grocery store had blueberries on sale so I picked up a small box of them. Yesterday morning I made blueberry pancakes which were so very yummy! Tonight as I pondered what to do with the rest I thought of blueberry muffins! So I am trying a Bisquick recipe that I downloaded from their website,
Ok, so the picture really doesn't do it any justice but if you could smell how good they smell and see the blueberries popping open and their juices running out! I hope they taste as good as they smell and look! And they do! Yummy!

I also posted on my Facebook page my dilemma of not sleeping for 2 nights (now 3) in a row. My sister, being a smart butt, suggested drugs. However, a friend of mine suggested melatonin. It's supposed to be a supplement that you find on the vitamin aisle. I'd rather try that than the drugs option! And it's probably better than drinking a whole bottle of wine! So tomorrow I will go to the health food store and see if I can find it and what information I can find on it.

Now I am going to get ready for an evening of my three indulgences: stitching, The Bachelor and One Tree Hill! I get enough reality during the day time and at night when I can't sleep! LOL!

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Gabi said...

That baking of yours looks really yummy. What concerns the sleeping problem I might have an advice. After long years of problems with sleeping and trying out lots of things, even taking sometimes a sleeping pill (which I hated), I had to switch doctor because of moving to another country. The new doctor gave me an advice that sounded strange, but actually works as charm for me. She gave me sleeping pills - BUT - told me to take these 1 week and to stop then. What it is supposed to do is forcing your body back into a normal sleeping routine. Every 7 to 8 months...sometimes longer...I need to do that. Wishing you good luck with solving your sleeping problem