Sunday, January 04, 2009

No denying it

It amazes me every time I sit down to think about "my sailor." How we are so comfortable with each other, the affection we feel for each other, and how a simple phone call can be so satisfying. Although we live approximately 1,114 miles apart (when he's on land and not in a submarine), it's really like we are never apart. We live our lives knowing in the back of our heads that someday we are going to be together again or when I finally move to his state, which I can see coming very soon.

My sailor is finally back on land and that makes me very happy. I know that he is generally safe when he goes on his 6 month + "business trips", but there is still that air of uncertainness that surrounds it. It is the military after all. But now he is back in port for a while. Hopefully we can find time to see each other. But with my convention coming up in early February, my work schedule is crazy and makes it impossible for me to get away.

I just found out tonight that he keeps up with me through my blog! I didn't even know he knew I had a blog. The bad thing about that is that I've been posting updates on a project, Dragon Knot, that I am working on for him. It was supposed to be a surprise and I figured he didn't know about my blog so why would he be looking at it? Ha! The man is sneakier than I thought! Good thing I have never written anything bad about him! Not that I could even make up anything bad about him.

Tomorrow he is supposed to be looking at a "new" old car. He's into cars. He likes to work on them and rebuild them. He is looking at a 1972 (?)Dodge Dart. He said it was 37 years old so I'm assuming that his math was correct. I have to admit that I had to look that up on the internet. This is what it looks like:

He has his cars and I have my books and cross stitching!

We had a nice, long conversation tonight and I feel so incredibly happy! He does that. No matter what I am thinking or what is going on in my life, just a simple chat with him takes all my cares away. I also can't wait to see all the stuff that he bought me over seas! He's not very good at describing items, and that is ok, so I have to wait till they are in my hand, which I hope is before next year. He's not very good at getting to the post office!

While the weekend was not the best, I had some good times. I saw the movie Twilight, finished the 3rd book in the Twilight series, watched some football, had dinner with a friend, did some stitching, and had a phone call from my sailor. And on that note, I will end this post! I am very happy and am now going to have some sweet dreams! Well, after I've had a glass of wine. I'm kind of keyed up after talking to him! But I wouldn't have it any other way!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Maureen said...

Hope you get to meet up with your sailor soon - it must be hard being apart for so long...

Terri said...

Great looking car depends on when it was made it could be 36 years as it's only a year older than me lol