Thursday, January 15, 2009


Did I spell that correctly? Cantankerous? Yep, I sure did. I looked it up on The definition: Ill-tempered and quarrelsome; disagreeable. That would sum me up! That is how I've been acting these days. And who has had the brunt of it? My family and my sailor.

Work is kicking my butt these days. Not getting what I want, to see my sailor, is frustrating me to no end. And this cold weather? Well, what can one say about it other than it needs to end! I've run out of sweaters to wear we've had so many cold days in a row now! I live in the South! I don't have that many sweaters!

Stress + lousy sinuses + hormones = Cantankerous! I have been needy, whiny, brattish, spoiled, completely despicable. It's like I know I'm being that way, but I can't stop. And when I do, the damage is done and there is nothing you can do to take it back. My sailor calls it the "Mel Factor". Yes, isn't that sad? He's named it.

So, I am taking this opportunity to apologize. I'm sorry. I'm working on it! I promise!

On a happier note: Tomorrow is Friday! Yay! As long as my car starts (it's been giving me problems) I will go to work, put in my 8 hours and then head home for a relaxing weekend because the next week I will probably have to be putting in some major overtime to get ready for my convention.

Last night my friend Chris came over and we watched Singin' in the Rain. I'd never seen it before and that is the next production he is working on at the theatre where he is employed. He does set design and wanted to refresh his memory. It was a cute movie. Gene Kelly. Debbie Reynolds. Very bright colors. Not a lot of story but I loved the dancing in it! And they do have some very memorable songs in it!

Did anyone catch Nip/Tuck the other night? Can you believe that Christian and Lizzie did the deed? And how did she not know he was awake? I dislike saying this, but he does deserve everything he is going through for what he has done to others! The writers definitely write you to dislike this man! For as zany, crazy, whacky this show is, I can't stop watching it! It's like when you pass a car accident. You just have to stop and look!


Nancy said...

Sorry about your mood lately! Nip/Tuck is a hoot. It's like nothing else on TV. You just gotta laugh at the lines they give Christian. Sean is a sad story. What a wimp.....and the scene with Lizzie... that was a bit hard to watch! But the new Indian character is hilarious....a blow job in the office and by a man?

Chiloe said...

Hope you feel like yourself again very soon ;-) I hate when I feel this way ...