Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I don't normally use my blog as an outlet for frustration as one never knows who might be reading! (Lesson well learned this past weekend- You know who you are! LOL!) Anyway, today I am going to make an exception.

Work has been crazy busy. Lots of events coming up! Today the boss came into the office and asked that we (I have an office mate) help one of the new girls with a meeting she has coming up this weekend. So we are like "Fine" "Sure" "Whatever she needs." So anyway, after that little conversation, the new girl comes in asking for some help. So I help her. It's a question that while easily answered does need to be verified by the boss. So I volunteer to go in and talk to him since she has an appointment she needs to leave for on time and he is very long winded. Needless to say when I go into his office to get verification I am ACCUSED by him of taking away the new girl's tasks and doing them myself. Now, this is only maybe 15 minutes after he has asked us to help her and she came to our office seeking help. It infuriated me to no end. This is only the tip of the iceberg with this man. It just spirals downward from there. We didn't research the question or answer adequately enough. How dare we try to solve the problem through email! This needs to be taken care of with a personal phone call. And on and on and on!

Every day it feels that I go in and work my absolute hardest and it is never good enough. It's extremely tiring and draining. So I'll admit it, I'm job searching. I'm really hoping to get a job in the same state as my sailor! :) That would make me extremely happy! Although winning the lottery would help a lot, which is why I bought a ticket tonight. Can't win without buying a ticket!

So anyway, on a happy note, my dad ordered me the 4th book of Twilight! Yeah! He was trying to put together a shipment through Amazon and was short to get the free shipping or something. So I can't wait to get it! I'll be counting down the days!

Also, did anyone catch Nip/Tuck last night? It was the season premiere and I swear to you that every season is getting more and more outrageous! They gave arrogant, condescending, chauvenistic, womanizing Christian stage 2 breast cancer! Is that supposed to be irony? I guess that since they have "cancelled" Dirty Sexy Money I will have to settle for just Nip/Tuck!

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Nancy said...

I am an avid Nip/Tuck watcher!! How did you like the wheelchair sex? LOL I hope they don't have any weird stalker/killers this year! I also liked Dirty Sexy Money.