Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Spreader of Love Award

Margie over at It's All About Cross Stitch has kindly bestowed upon me the Spreader of Love Award because "your words of encouragement always keep me going." That is just too sweet for words!

The rules of the award are to select 5 people that I think deserve this award. No easy task. But here it goes:

Rene at Rene la Frog's Ramblings because she always has kind words for any project you are doing.

Noreen at Needle Caboodle because even though she isn't around the blogging world much these days, she does try to keep up with everyone and leave comments.

Chiloe at Chiloe's Corner because she always leaves her comments with such enthusiasm!

Meari at Meari's Musings because she is always encouraging and she comes up with the cutest dating stories (horrors) on her blog!

Terri at Threads Throughout Times for showing concern the other day on a statement made by me of receiving bad news!

There are my 5. (Deep breath!) That only took about 30 minutes to decide upon! LOL! That wore me out!

1 comment:

Chiloe said...

Thanks you are very sweet to think of me and see, I'm here again !!!lol