Friday, January 16, 2009

Fathers and Cars

My car is old. The poor thing. I do love my car but it is now 12 years old. The last week when I go to start it, it's been difficult. You have to be gentle and coax it to start. I just figured it was because of this extremely rare cold weather we were having. My dad told me to go and have it checked out. Now of course I had every intention of doing that but next week. Next week I would have gotten paid and if I had to get a new battery, I could do it.

Well, my car decided it had other ideas. This morning it decided to not start at all. It wanted to. You could tell. It tried it's hardest to start but just couldn't do it. So when I called to tell my Dad that the car had died, first question, "Did you have it checked?" "No, Dad. I didn't. I was waiting till next week when I got paid so I could do it." "Don't ever wait! Just call me and I'll take care of it." Yep, that's right. I got in trouble for NOT asking for money. Now had I called and asked for money I'd be getting in trouble for asking for money. Never ending.

I was lucky enough that a co-worker lives fairly close to me and I was able to get to work this morning for half a day so I could get some work done because I am swamped. My mom came and got me at lunch and we gave it a go to get the car running but no luck. And she was too chicken to jump the car off because my dad said we would blow it up. LOL So now I am waiting for my dad to come over. Last I talked to him he was not in a good mood! Ugh! But if I try to do anything on my own I'll just get into more trouble.

Does the overprotectiveness end once you get married? Or if I moved away? Or does it just get worse?

Note: The car has been resusciated! It was the battery just as I thought. As soon as he attached the jumper cables to the batteries, my car started up right away. Made it to the auto parts store and got a new battery installed! Thank goodness I won't feel stranded anymore!


Terry said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but it just spreads to whomever you marry. The good thing about that is the new hubby would hear about not getting it done while you stand there looking as innocent as can be. You know the whole angel with horns thing LOL.

Gabi said...

Hopefully your car get fixed soon. Once your car is up and running - and the weather is better, you might start to feel better. And you better can have an overprotective father who does fix your car, then standing there with a non working car and having to solve all by your own. :)

Lou's addictions said...

Dads never grow out of being overprotective, mine has gotten worse since I got married lol... so now I have an overprotectiver dad and an overprotective hubby and get it at home and from my parents lol...
I wouldnt change them though.