Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just about everyone I know loves presents. Especially ones that are a suprise! I personally LOVE presents. It's not so much what the present is but just the fact that the person thought about me!

As most know who reads my blog, my Sailor is home after a 6 month tour. I believe that during his tour he visited Scotland, Norway, and Spain. Maybe some other places to but I'm not sure. Anyway, upon his return he told me that he bought me some presents! I love the presents he buys me. The man is quite skilled at it! I adore all the things that he bought me the last time he went overseas.

Anyway, the problem is that he hasn't sent them yet. I am going nuts wanting to see what he bought for me. What makes it even worse is the fact that he told me that in one stop he bought me some handmade jewelry. When I asked what kind of jewelry he said he didn't know because he's bad at that kind of thing. Are you kidding me? You don't tell a woman you bought her jewelry and then not tell her what it is and not send it!

The sad thing is that I can't even get mad at him for not sending it because he is so completely honest about it. He tells me he is lazy and doesn't want to go to the postoffice. He expects me to wait till March when he comes for a visit. Seriously? The man knows I have no patience. While I appreciate the fact that he would like to probably see me open these goodies, I have braved the post office more than a few times to send him things. And it's not an easy thing! It requires documentation for customs!

I'm hoping that the surprise will be that I will get them before March!

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Lou's addictions said...

He sounds like a gem. I hope time flies and March doesnt feel like too long a wait for you to see your sailor again.