Thursday, June 08, 2006

Work Sucks!

Ok, who hasn’t thought that? It’s not that my job is particularly difficult but at the moment it is just the details that are stressing me out! I have a convention next week and while this is my second one, there is still a lot that I am not aware of and I am having to learn as I go. It’s like the boss has washed his hands of this convention and I am having to make all the decisions, which isn’t what I am suppose to do. However, I have had to make choices and make arrangements and he has yet to give his final approval. Today I will meet with him to get his signature on all the hotel orders. That ought to be fun! He hasn’t been in the office for 3 days and now at the last minute I have to update him on everything and get approval of it all!

A friend of mine accused me of working too much. Said it was making me dull. I don’t think I work too much. I work my 8 hours for the day and go home. Someone has to pay my bills! Maybe he said it because when he wants to play, he just doesn’t go to work, but then he has no one to play with. Whereas, I work Monday through Friday regardless of what I want to do.


randommoments said...

Maybe 'he' should hire you to play with him on his days off. Just a thought.

You can do it! This convention is going to be a fun when you get there. Most evenings off, pool, JACUZZI TUB -- what girl could ask for more (especially after a rough day of work with a little man aggravating the hell out of you)?

Romantic Fool said...

I could ask for a man to come share the Jacuzzi tub with me! So, yeah I could ask for more! Selfish, aren't I?