Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ring Phone Ring!

Ok, I have always been one to advise, don't sit by the phone and wait for it to ring! Yep, I'm guilty! Sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. Ok, maybe not ring. I'm waiting for it to play the Bangles song Eternal Flame. Ok, a little dorky but what can I say? It's one of my favorites so I put it as the ringtone for one of my favorite people.

So it's been two days since he's called. I'm really starting to miss my daily wake up call. Even though he'd call before 6 a.m., it always put a smile on my face to hear him say "Get your ass out of bed, crackhead!"

He may not be calling for one or both of the following reasons. He's either really busy (plus he's not really a phone person) or he is avoiding me. He knows how stressed I get due to convention and well it's convention time again and I'm sure he doesn't want me to go off on him. Although I want him to know (and unfortunately he won't read this for weeks as he is not by a computer) that everything is good. I am stressed but am handling it much much better this time around. At least in my humble opinion.

One of the dangers of being single. You get bored and so you play around on the internet. I need to get a hobby! Oh wait, I have one, just bored with it!


ana va havana said...

at least it shows to yourself how much u miss him;) we need that from time to time.

randommoments said...

Is this burning, an eternal flaammmeee!! (I love that song too.)

In the wise old words of me grand ma ma -- Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I realize word for word this saying isn't perfect for your situation, but you get the point.

Romantic Fool said...

Yep, the distance couldn't get any farther, could it? I'm sure that he is just busy and well, I hope that is it. I don't know why I am stressing over this. he's called me more on this trip than he has his other trips! Too much time on my hands! I need to be intellectually stimulated!

randommoments said...

When you say intellectually stimulated, you really mean 'dirty talk', right?

Romantic Fool said...

Well of course! What else do I have to think about when I am at home alone?