Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh be still my pounding heart!

So I woke up this morning realizing it was Sunday. Had lots of plans, but yet none seem to actually materialize. This morning was the fifth morning in a row that I had had to wake up on my own. Needless to say, I had a wonderful pity party this morning. Silly, doubting thoughts began to run through my head. Had he forgotten me? Was he really that busy? Had he met some Yankee girl?

Then around lunch time as I was in my room putting clothes in the washer I hear my phone ring. It's his ringtone. Needless to say I go running and dive for the phone. While doing this I stub my big toe and it is throbbing as I breathlessly answer the phone. He had called to check in. He was about to join his co-workers on some trails or something. It made me happy to just hear his voice and to hear him say that he missed me too. My heart began to pound and the butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. I do believe that I am a romantic sap! It was such a brief conversation, and yet it put a smile on my face that continues!


randommoments said...

Awww did you say butterflies?? Does that mean that YOU are now twitterpated?

It shows he's thinking about you and cares about how you feel.

Romantic Fool said...

I hope it does. but then why else would he be calling? there's no other reason to call except if you want to. too much overanalyzing!