Saturday, June 10, 2006

Can men and women be friends?

I have to ask, can men and women be friends without there being any suspicions of feelings of "LOVE"? I believe that they can. My best friend is male and no, we have NEVER slept together nor have we ever been in love with each other. We love each other very much as friends and have a great respect for each other. However, I have this other male friend who believes that my show of affection means that I am falling for him.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a very loyal, trusting, affectionate friend. I believe that if I treat someone well, they will in return treat me well. Ok, yes I am quite aware that there are some that will take advantage of this, but I've learned over the years how to spot those "users".

I believe that this male friend of mine is assuming that my affectionate nature and complete trust towards him is more than just feelings of friendship. I don't want to protest this much because then I feel as though I appear as if I am hiding something. But I am not hiding anything. While I do love him, it as just a friend. My heart belongs to another man. Whereas I may not have yet met this man, I know that there is someone else out there to give my heart to.

So I ask men out there: "Can men and women be friends without a man assuming that the woman is falling in love with him?"


Kala said...

I guess it depends on the guy and girl and how they met and what they see in each other and what attraction they have for one another. I'd say its possible if both individuals have no attraction whatsoever however, I think it becomes difficult if there is even a smiggen of attraction and alot of time is spent together -

Romantic Fool said...

We met with the intention of just being friends. We were perfectly clear on what the expectations were. But I guess if a woman has the right to change her mind, a man does too!