Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Boss

One of my biggest pet peeves is being treated like a child. Actually, like a stupid child. Have you ever had a boss who is constantly spending more time explaining on how to do something as simple as picking up a phone and dialing the number to relay a message to someone. Or a boss who wastes your time by writing an email, then forwarding it to you to send to other people, who you know he has their email addresses.

Another favorite of mine is when he walks into your office to answer an email that you wrote him (that is if he even reads the email). Or calls you on the phone to answer your email and interrupts what you are doing. The important thing is that he interrupts whatever it is that you are currently working on for some mundane answer that could have been simply relayed by just clicking the reply button on the email.

Or when he is opening his mail and after each piece of mail he brings it to the appropriate person that it belongs to and then goes back to his desk and opens the next piece and then once again brings it to who it belongs to. I don’t think he understands the word efficiency. It would be so much better to just open all the mail, divide into the appropriate piles and then deliver to the person all at once. But no! He must come into each office about 100 times a day to see what you are or are not doing!

I’m amazed that each day I can go into work and put a smile on my face and not wring his little neck!


randommoments said...

I suggest kicking him in his mouth.

Romantic Fool said...

That's only because you want to get him out of your office too! Cheer up, the more he is in my office the less he is in yours!