Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Are we related?

So as I sat in my apartment last night flipping channels because there was absolutely nothing on tv, I settled upon watching the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show. Yes, I know. This show is the cheesiest of all reality shows!

As I sat to watch a bunch of male models be paraded around in their underwear (ok, so I couldn’t complain much about that!) I was unprepared for what I was to see. This gorgeous man was on the screen and as they popped up his name and home town I was shocked! His last name was the same as mine! (FYI: Not many people spell the last name I have the way that my family does) Not only was his last name the same but he was from the same town that my father and his family lived.

Of course I had to call my mother to let her know. She flipped the channel and was able to see him but didn’t recognize him. Dad didn’t recognize him either but he said he was probably a cousin somewhere along the line but he didn’t know who he was related to. So I called my sister. Put my sister on a mission and she will discover anything!

Needless to say, my sister found this model’s MySpace page and she sent him a message. Basically she asked who he was related to and that our last names were the same and our family came from the same place he did. Now, either he is going to think that this is some pick up line or that she is crazy! I will update this post as soon as I find out if he responds to her!

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