Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Calm...

before the storm? Tomorrow starts my summer meeting. It’s my first. Ok, not my first convention, but my first summertime one. I hope that all goes well. We have completed all packets, badges, signs, etc. It’s almost too easy.

For the day before a convention I am amazingly calm. I’ve had a wonderful, ok, maybe not wonderful, but I’ve had a good day. I started with a 20 minute phone conversation with HIM. That was enough to put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Even the short 15 minute meeting with my boss today about bonuses and how much did I think deserve didn’t phase me. I’m not panicking and don’t really feel the need to do so. I feel confident that all has been completed and that it will all be right. And if not, I just don’t care!

My biggest concern is leaving my dog behind. He is staying with Bean and while I know he will be well looked after, I will miss him. He is my constant companion during my down time. I just hope he behaves and doesn’t embarrass me as he is EXTREMELY spoiled. Yes, I acknowledge the fact that I am responsible for his behavior, but if you could see him, he is just so darn cute. You just can’t say no to his face! I will have to remember to post his picture up here.

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