Thursday, August 31, 2006

The week from hell......

My first week in the office alone. I am already about to pull all my hair out. My boss, a.ka. the leprechaun, has been bugging me consistently. In and out of my office asking me to make copies, fax items, pull files. Nothing different but at the moment I am trying to juggle many things at once and try to make sure that all is getting done.

It is so extremely frustrating. Then on top of the leprechaun (no pun intended), we have the part time Nazi who is treating us as if she is the boss. Making us participate in things that normally we would have participated in but because she signs us up for things without asking us, we feel resentful. I especially feel resentful. I am very independent and I do not like being told what I can or cannot do. I am going to just naturally rebel against that. It’s such a shame. She was out yesterday because her child was sick and I was actually thankful because it was so quiet and the tension level was much lower.

I am taking Friday off so I can have a nice 4 day weekend. No, I am not going anywhere but I am going to take advantage of 4 days to get things done around my apartment that otherwise gets neglected. Plus spend time with my dad whose birthday is Friday. And maybe throw in a day trip to New Orleans. Oh, and the BEST part of this weekend: LSU FOOTBALL!!!! Geaux Tigers!


randommoments said...

Ahhh!!! The leprechaun! I haven't used this in a long time. Thanks for the laugh! ;p

Romantic Fool said...

Your very welcome. Time to update your blog!