Friday, September 08, 2006

It's time for....

It’s that time of year, FOOTBALL SEASON! Ok, so I am like a huge LSU fan. Is there any other school? LOL! I totally respect other people’s opinions, I just don’t agree with them unless it is something good about LSU.

Yes, the team they played last week could be compared to a high school team, however, they are trying to help out the lesser inner state schools by bringing them some recognition and revenues. This week it is Arizona! I am lucky enough that my father was able to get two tickets for me and Joyful. I haven’t been back to campus since they’ve completed the renovations to the stadium so it will be interesting to see them.

Next week is Auburn. That’s an away game that is on tv at 2:30 p.m. I don’t like afternoon games. I feel like the whole day is wasted.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend the day in New Orleans. It was fairly quiet around the French Quarter although it was Decadence weekend. There were some very interesting men out and about but not like in the past. Although it did amaze me that this one guy could walk down the street in just a white undershirt and his BVDs. His facial expression was of one who was completely dressed and taking a walk. Thank goodness for sunglasses and the guy couldn’t see that I was staring and trying not to laugh! Also, who ever thought that leather and feathers make an interesting outfit? It doesn’t.


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