Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Ok, after being away from the blog for a week or so, here’s a recap of what has been going on.

On the 21st I had ALL of my wisdom teeth removed. Just not the two the dentist had originally said, but all 4. It was a weekend of sleeping and being drugged up. Not sure really of all that happened. Hopefully nothing too important!

Last week my sister was in town. For a whole 8 days. How much did I see her? Hmmm, let’s see. I had a family dinner on the first Sunday she was here. The family did dinner and a movie night on Wednesday and then I saw her briefly at the Varsity on Friday night. Yes, lots of quality time. But that is how we work. The less time together the better we get along. It may have to do with the 5 year gap in our ages or it could be that we are just so totally opposite we don’t really get along well.

Needless to say, Friday night had its ups and downs. It was definitely nice to get out have dinner with the friends and then go hear a band. It was when we were at the Varsity that the “down” part occurred. My friends and I were sitting at the bar, with my sister and her friends standing behind us. I was not looking around at the crowd or made eye contact with anyone outside of my circle of friends and yet somehow I attracted some guy’s attention. He was definitely not my type. He appeared to have not even showered before coming to the bar. I never really looked him in the eye as I was attempting to get rid of him. However, no matter how curt I was with him or how much I ignored him, he still kept talking. The only points he scored was that he thought my sister was the older sister and that I was the younger sister. Needless to say, I had to look for one of my sister’s guy friends to come and rescue me. As soon as Box came around, the guy couldn’t run away fast enough. Now I remember why I don’t like to go to bars!

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randommoments said...

Yea, bars suck. Its never the adorable, charming ones that come up to you. What God deprived these guys -- sense, manners, soap -- he made up for with audacity.