Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Will he or won't he?

One of my faults is that I trust my friends absolutely. If they say something I believe that they are going to follow through on what they say they are going to do. So, when that person fails to do what they say, I am crushed. I’ve learned over time to not to get my hopes up when someone says they are going to do something but it’s hard to do that at times.

Right now my hopes are very high that a friend of mine, who I have not seen since last August, will be coming for a visit in June. More specifically that he will be joining me at the hotel where I will be staying for my convention. I have a lot of free time with this convention so it will be a nice opportunity to visit, catch up, and relax. Now, he says that he will come but will he? He’s a really nice guy with really good intentions. His follow through just isn’t that great. For example (I am sure I am going to get a “whipping” if he reads this! LOL!) when he says he is going to call me soon, that usually means within the next 2 months. And if he says he will call tomorrow, that means next week. Now that I understand this it doesn’t irritate me or get me angry anymore. Well, back to the point of this narrative, he says that he will see me at my convention and that he can’t wait. HOWEVER, life happens. I understand that. And he hasn’t been home since August. There are his kids and family he needs to see too.

I am right now planning that he will be there. I have my appointment made to get my hair cut and colored before the convention. I am going to go to the tanning bed so that I am not so white. Well, the tanning bed is not entirely just to impress him. I received a bad sunburn at my birthday weekend and instead of tan lines, I have tan splotches. I need to even out! I am going to get some cute new outfits to wear. Ok, like any woman has to have a reason to go shopping! It just makes it easier to justify spending the money!

There are 23 days until my convention. A little over three weeks. I think that I will be on pins and needles those entire 23 days. Not because of my convention. The convention doesn’t worry me. It will be whether or not he will come and if he does come, how will things be different? We originally didn’t start out as friends. We were friendly but it was not the relationship it has evolved to today. He has become a very dear friend and while I don’t count on him being there for me, at least physically in my presence, I know that I can always drop him an email or a letter and he will read it and respond with kind, encouraging words of advice and absolutely no judgment. Plus he is always good for a laugh. But I haven’t physically seen him since August, August 8, 2006 to be more specific (I just found some pictures of him and my dog from that day and that was the date on the picture). That’s a very long time. How have I changed? How has he changed? We’ve been basically pen pals since that time.

I probably shouldn’t worry about anything. With the luck that I traditionally have had, basically being no luck, he won’t be able to make it. I’d like to schedule a trip to visit him but he has to check to see if they will be out to sea at that time. Unfortunately due to the priorities I have, I can only travel this summer. Once Fall starts, I will not be going anywhere due to football season. LSU football is a top priority plus it’s a time to visit with friends who come back home from out of town to see the games. Not that he isn’t important to, but you can’t get LSU games on tv there!

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