Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reality Television

Remember the days when all that was on TV were re-runs of the shows that were on during the fall and spring? Gone are those days. Now these shows are replaced with reality television.

Shows about cougars and kittens. Women in their 40s (cougars) going after a younger man and women in their 20s (kittens) going after an older man. Former celebrities trying to make a come back by appearing in shows about weight loss or trying to find love or just about their every day lives.

As I was watching one of these shows one evening, two commercials for upcoming shows for the summer were shown. These commercials made me stop and think about the state that things are in that someone would actually consider watching these shows or that these shows would even be of interest to anyone.

The first show is called “Rock Love”. Most people have heard of the show “Flavor of Love”? Well, it’s a take off of that. But the man in this show is going to be Brett Michael, lead singer of Poison. Has Poison even put out an album lately? Is Brett Michael trying to prove that he still appeals to the young woman?

The second show is called (and I may not have this quite right) “Scott Baio, 41 and still single.” If you can’t tell from the title, the show is going to center around Scott Baio (best known as Chachi from Happy Days) who is obviously in his 40s and still single and never married. From the commercial you deduce that Scott hires a life coach and they are going to discover why it is that he has never been married.

Seriously, what executive thought that these concepts are good ones? That is just crazy to me. And these shows are going to be on music channels. What happened to showing music videos? Now if you want to see the video for a song, you have to turn to the internet.

If I wanted to watch reality, I would tune in to my own life. But I am trying to escape the reality and that is why I watch fiction on television!

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