Monday, June 18, 2007

Hodge Podge

So another one is leaving. This time, the newest girl. That’s right. Once again another member of the team has decided that she just can’t take the “heat”. Ok, so she was never really part of the team. She was different. She just didn’t care. She didn’t have any pride in her work I guess you could say. Although I have to say, it did drive the boss crazy. He didn’t know how to react to someone who just let everything roll of her back.

I wonder who the next person will be. It’s been discussed and agreed that this time, more consideration needs to be taken when choosing someone to fill this position. We shouldn’t just take someone to fill the position. That’s the theory anyway. Originally we were going to have till August to fill the position. But now it seems we only have 3 weeks before she leaves. She upped her leave date by a month.

Father’s Day was Sunday. Not a very eventful day for me as my father was out of town for the 4th year in a row. Oh, we did presents and made breakfast for him last weekend but it wasn’t quite the same. I was lucky to be able to reach him by cell phone though. I spent the day taking a walk by the lakes, lying out by the pool, cleaning, and doing laundry. A very quiet Sunday.

Oh, exciting news. I now have baby birds. A dove who has taken up residence in one of my hanging plants now has some baby birds. They are so incredibly tiny and have white down all over them. Luckily I have not had any problems with still using my balcony. Although now the mother bird gets all puffed up when I come out on the balcony she has not resorted to pecking my eyes out. Now I wonder how long it will be before the birds are old enough to fly away so I can water my plant once again!

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