Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dancing with....Joey?

Dancing with the Stars came to town. My sister had gone to see it a few days before in her city and had said it was a lot of fun. So I called up my trusty friends Joy and Celestine to see if they wanted to go. After a "Hell No!" from Joy, I called Celestine. Celestine gave a squeal and said "Of course! That's my favorite show!"

So on Friday evening I was online trying to get us tickets to Dancing with the Stars! I was quite successful. They weren't floor seats but they were pretty good.

We started Saturday evening off with dinner at a local italian restaurant and leaving with 45 minutes left to show time we thought we had plenty of time to get downtown. Boy were we wrong. Who knew that so many people would be going that it would back up the interstate?

We finally arrived after missing just the opening act. Not too bad. We had a really good time seeing the professional dancers and then of course the performances of the stars: Joey Fatone, Joey Lawrence, Joey McIntyre, and Drew Lachey. The best part was when all 4 of them did a tribute to the rat pack. Who knew Joey Lawrence had an awesome voice!?

Joey McIntyre was promoting a new CD. A collection of oldies. Its quite good. So Celestine and I both bought a CD and had them autographed after the show by Joey. Ahhh! I felt like I was back in college when we used to go to concerts and then go out afterwards and meet the singers! It was nice to be nostalgic for just a few minutes! LOL!

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