Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Home At LAST!

He has finally come home. Well, as close to home as he is going to get. He is back in Virginia. I feel such a great relief that he is back and on land and he is well.

I got the call last night. We were able to speak for about 40 minutes. A real conversation without having to be guarded and careful of what we say. It was nice to start to catch up. We made plans to visit each other this summer. He will join me at Beau Rivage when I am there for my convention and I will go to see him in Virginia over Labor Day weekend. I’m quite excited!

He starts leave on the 15th. However, he needs to find a place to live as the house he was renting before he gave up. He is now living on the boat. Poor thing! No one was there to greet him when they arrived and now he is still living on the boat. He also has to get a new cell phone number. He has a lot to do. Hopefully though, he will be able to come visit me when I am at Beau Rivage. If not, I understand. He has kids he needs to see. That is more important than just a friend. Plus his mom and dad. And a visit with the ex! Rumor has it she still has the hots for him and wants to meet with him when he is back in town.

I’m just happy that he is back. Nervous too. We’ve been pen pals for almost a year now and I wonder whether the friendship will last. It moved beyond the one night stand so long ago but I can’t quite figure out why or what caused that or when it happened. Or why he would want to be friends with someone as crazy as I? But to lose him would be upsetting as I tell him anything and everything.

I can’t wait to see what this summer holds!

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