Sunday, October 25, 2009

Houston Trip

Friday I anxiously counted down the time to 11:30!  As soon as it hit, I was out the office door!  After stopping to get some gas and cash (hey! that rhymes!), I was on the road.  It was a beautiful day for a ride!  Blue skies all the way! 

Once I arrived, we were off to dinner at Gringo's!  They have some of the best Mexican food!  I also had a apple pucker margarita.  It was good to try but I probably wouldn't have it again.  It isn't as good as say, mango or peach.

Then we came home where we had a quiet evening. I was able to play with Cassady, change her, get her ready for bed, feed her, and then put her to bed.  She is just too sweet!

Saturday was an awesome day!  We had so much fun at Sarah's youngest daughter's birthday party!  It was a great time to catch up with an old, dear friend.  It was also nice to see her parents.  Sarah's dad was one of my high school teachers.  He is, and always be, Mr. Paul.  His wife however has become just Pam.  Isn't that funny!?  Cassady was awesome.  She was so good tempered and she just played and played.  I finally had to leave because she would not lay down to nap.  She had to be up and aware of all that was going on!  She was out seconds after putting her in the car!!!  It was an awesome trip even though I got lost twice.  But what's a road trip without getting lost at least once??

Sarah's two girls are just so cute.  They are total opposites.  Eden, her oldest, is the spitting image of her mother, outgoing and very talkative.  Zoe is more reserved and like her father.  But they both cannot be mistaken for anything other than "Paul" girls. 

Saturday evening was a nice relaxing evening with the girls.  Stacy, Cassady and I went out for Chinese, then Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and back home to watch the LSU game.  The boys finally decided to deliver a decisive victory for us! 

I was on the road by 9 am on Sunday.  Cassady decided that she wanted to wake up at 6:30 am!!  We really thought she would sleep late as we had had such a big day on Saturday!  No such luck!  But that had me home by 1:30ish.  I have been able to spend that time watching the Saints game, stitching, some laundry, and making some homemade cranberry sauce (I love cranberries!).

I have the long work week ahead of me, but that's ok!  I have Rocky Horror on Friday to look forward to and then Halloween, Tulane LSU game, and enchiladas with friends on Saturday!!!!


Tammy said...

So glad you had a nice trip! And it sounds like a great weekend coming up. Hey, a few days of work isn't so bad when you have that waiting for you! Rocky Horror? AWESOME!

CindyMae said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. Love all the photos and thanks for sharing them with us!!