Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Fall Weekend

Well, Fall has finally decided to land in Southern Louisiana!  We've had two days with tempteratures in the 60s during the day and 40s at night.  Blue skies. Wind.  Lots of sun (which we've missed the past few weeks with all the rain).

Saturday I took a ride down to even further South Louisiana to attend a crafts fair at Oak Alley.  It was a nice day to spend outside.  But it was quite the adventure.  Upon arriving down there, I discovered that people were being asked to park at some of the local spots (school, parish hall) and shuttle in.  It seems that with all the rain that we have been having, the fields that were typically used at the plantation for parking were closed because they were just too wet and muddy.  So, after parking my car at the parish hall, I waited for over an hour for a shuttle.  You see, the shuttles they were using only fit either 12 people (if it was a handicap shuttle) or 24 people. In addition, only 4 shuttles were running.  This is when I wish I had a truck. If I had a truck, I would have tried to park in one of the muddy lots that they proceeded to open up as the day went on.

Upon arriving to the plantation, I discovered the place was packed! I began to wander amongst the people and the booths.  It amazes me the things that people come up with to sell as crafts and people actually buy them.  There was one booth that was selling bikinis for dogs.  Yes, you read that correctly!  Bikinis for dogs.  Another booth was selling bottle caps as jewelry: necklaces and earrings.  Why can't I come up with something like that and make a living at it?  There were also some really true artists there.  There was one booth that was selling LSU themed pictures (always a hit!).

They also had some great food there!  Now I only sampled one item, but the aromas were irresistible.  For lunch I had fried eggplant with a crawfish sauce.  It was even better than it sounded!  I was good though.  I avoided the funnel cake.  Although it was calling my name as I walked off the grounds! 

The rest of my Saturday was spent watching football, piddling around the apartment, and making some very delicious Taco Soup (recipe provided by my friend Jill). 

Sunday started with two phone calls before 9 am.  I guess that was my cue to get up. The first call was work related and the second call was my Dad wanting to know if he could come over to help me put up fencing on the balcony so we could doggy proof it.

A trip to the bookstore for a birthday gift and the rest of the day was spent at home!  I worked on my balcony, getting it all cleaned up and doing some weeding.  Hung up my new windchimes that was given to me as a gift from my friend, Jill. Watched some football.  Saints are awesome! Took a walk with Duke. Quick trip to Dad's to pick up some potato soup.  A nice conversation with my BFF, Jeff, and then my sister! 

A very poor picture of the wind chime.  Totally chopped off the jewel at the bottom!  But it is now hanging! :)

Picture of my mexican heather.  I just had to take a picture!  I can't tell you how many times I have thought it was dead
and cut it back to nothing and it came back!

It has been quite the lovely weekend!  Unfortunately I don't have any updates on stitching.  :(  Just too pretty outside.  Had to keep moving!!!  ;)

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Sounds like a great weekend!