Thursday, October 15, 2009


One more day of work and then FREEDOM!!!  This upcoming weekend I have no plans!  Ok, well, let me clarify that. I have nothing scheduled.  Come Friday at 4 pm, I am free from the chains of employment and can do whatever I want till Monday morning at 7:30 am.

My mom is currently out of town visiting my cousin in Boston.  He attends MIT.  I know, impressive, huh?  I've been replaced as the smartest person in the family.  Boo hoo!  Today my mom, grandmother, and aunt were visiting Salem.  I am so very jealous!!!!  Anyway, the point I was going for was that I have no family obligation for dinner this weekend as my mom is away and my dad is golfing this weekend.

You can tell it is fall time in Louisiana with all the number of festivals and fairs going on.  This weekend is a crafts fair at Oak Alley Plantation.  And since we are finally going to get some fall weather, temperatures only in the 60s, it will be a great time to go walk the ground of the plantation and look at some hand crafted items!!!  I might even be able to pick up a birthday gift for the birthday party I am going to next weekend in Houston!  That would be fantastic if I don't have to visit a department store!!!!

Other things I need to do this weekend are clean off my balcony, clean my computer desk (I am currently staring at a pile of bills - paid - that have yet to be filed), stitch and read.  So two of the four items on my list are my favorite things to do!  I might even do some cooking.   A friend gave me a great recipe for the crock pot - Taco Soup.  It is as yummy as it sounds!  But then, I think anything mexican is pretty yummy!

There is no LSU football game this weekend as it is the bye weekend.  Thankfully!  They desperately need to regroup!  But there is a Saints game!  Should be a good one!

I am ready for this weekend to arrive!  But in typical fashion, loathe for it to end!

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