Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost here!

Friday.  Noon.  Almost here!  I can't wait!!!  At noon I am out of here!  Headed to Houston to see two of my favorite people!!! 

But before then, I have to do laundry, pack, wrap a birthday present, clean the kitchen, pack Duke's overnight bag (he's going to the grandparents), and take the trash out!

Right now though, I am blogging, listening to the rain, and the tinkle of my windchimes.  The combination of the two sounds is so soothing. Thanks Jill for the windchimes!

It felt like today was going to last forever!  Thankfully the afternoon went pretty quickly.  Probably because I was in fear for my life!!!  The boss and I had an off-site meeting with a volunteer to help us with booking speakers for an upcoming convention.  He drove.  He has an 1980 something crown victoria or something similar to that, which takes FOREVER to just turn over.  Praying is a prerequisite to driving with this man. Whiplash?  Yep, you will suffer from that after driving with him.  In the short drive to the meeting, I learned about how 2 of his pine trees are dead not because of a disease but because of a beetle.  A beetle who picks and chooses which trees it will kill.  I also learned that since he and his family have lived in their house they have removed about 20 trees altogether.  15 in the first year that they had lived there.  On the way back to the office, I was regaled with the stories of him purchasing new vehicles for his wife and daughter but not for himself.  Why should he?  This one still runs!  Even though the windshield wipers are shot, it guzzles oil and the engine sounds like it is constantly "coughing".  Not to mention that he was yawning so hard that I thought his face would split in half at the jaw joints.  Which was probably why we almost got killed when he tried to turn left onto a major street from a side street.  Comments like "Whoops, almost got my front end there" and "Almost had to have a conversation with my insurance agent" were made!

But I made it!  Or I wouldn't be writing this entry! :)

Ok, I must run!  I have things to do!  Dinner to make!  Dog to play with!  Stitching to do!!!  Everyone have a great weekend!

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CindyMae said...

I hope that you have a wonderful and safe trip!!!