Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tis the Holidays.....

22 Days....
til Christmas!!  This is what I stared at for about 5 minutes as I sat on the interstate this morning trying to make it downtown for a meeting.  Like I didn't have enough anxiety about getting everything done in time!  Thanks for the reminder billboard gods!!!

Hmmm, I live in South Louisiana.  Something we don't see much of is the "white stuff".  Last year we had a snow day.  First time in YEARS!!!  Well, we are once again having snow predicted for tomorrow night.  Should be an interesting night!!!!  Here are some pictures from our last snow day, which happened almost one year ago!!!

Considering that I loathe shopping, I'm doing ok on the shopping front.  I am having some problems.  I don't know what to get some of my friends, especially the ones who say "You don't have to get me anything."  Yeah, right.  Like I'm not going to buy gifts?  I am also looking for a waffle iron for my dad's present.  Mom said that is what he wants so I figured, that's easy enough. NOPE!!!  Every place I've been to so far has been sold out.  Who knew that waffle irons were going to be a hot commodity this Christmas? 

I gave myself a 30 day deadline. In 30 days I hope to have established an exercise routine and have my apartment clean.  Why 30 days?  To be honest, an old acquaintenance mentioned that a visit might be in the works for that time.  I really want to look good. Or at least feel good because I've been trying to do something, anything to get back into shape.  I want to be "unforgettable". LOL! I also need to get this messy pig sty I call a home cleaned!  So embarrassed to have anyone over right now!!!  So, even if this visit doesn't happen, I see the good in it.  It has gotten me motivated!!!  And I am rolling with it!!!!

The -4 is the number of days that have passed.  Today is the 4th day.  I am happy to report that I have exercised for 4 days in a row now!!!!  Yep, the heart hasn't stopped yet!!!! I've also done at least one thing each night towards getting my apartment back to the immaculateness I know that it can be!!!!

I've promised myself a little treat this weekend if I exercise 5 days in a row.  One more day!!!  If I stick to it tomorrow, I can go and pick myself up a new book, or some girly treat!!!!  I'm going to do it!!!

I've decorated my little apartment for Christmas.  I put up my little tree.  I have the stockings hung.  Below are a few pictures of these items.  Yes, that is a stocking for my dog!  Oh crap!  I forgot to put him on the list of presents I need to buy!  Yikes!!!  Can't have him waking up to an empty stocking on Christmas morning!!!  Isn't my new Eeyore too cute?  I've caught Duke twice trying to pull him down to play with.  He's only succeeded once so far. 

I love sitting in my living room by the glow of the Christmas lights with some music on  in the background.  It is so soothing!  And no, the music is NOT Christmas music.  I just can't get myself to the point where I can listen to carols yet.

New Experience...
This Christmas will be a new experience for me.  One that has yet to occur and well, that I am not looking forward to at all.  This Christmas, my mom will not be with our family.  Mom leaves on Monday to go home to be with her family (her parents, siblings and their spouses) this Christmas.  My grandmother is having minor surgery next week so Mom is going to be with her and has decided to not come back till New Year's.  I will still have my Dad and maybe my sister if she is able to make it but we've (my sister and I) have never had a Christmas without her.  This is going to be so weird.  I'm not sure how I'm feeling but I'm leaning to the "I really don't like this" side.

Really not much to report on the stitching front.  I've been so preoccupied with everything else going on with the holidays!  I can report that I have picked up Dragon Knot again.  Not sure how brief of a return it will be but I have put a few stitches into it!!!

Ok, enough typing!!  I have things to do!  :)

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CindyMae said...

Here is West Texas we don't get much snow either. But it if flurrying right now and I am excited. Love your decor for Christmas. I love sitting by the glow of the Christmas tree too, love it!! Sorry that your mom will not be with you this Christmas.