Sunday, December 27, 2009


Merry Christmas To All!  I hope that you had a wonderful time with friends and family!

Christmas Eve
Christmas eve, thankfully, was pretty much as it always is for our family.  Although the day did start out very doubtful!  Here, in South Louisiana, we awoke to torrential downpours of rain and tornado warnings.  It was a great day to sit on the couch and catch up on all recorded shows on the DVR! 

I also baked a sweet potato pie.  Homemade!  It is for Christmas dinner.  I've done one before, last year, but I was still a little nervous about baking this one.  It "appears" to have come out ok.

This year, it is my dad, my sister and I.  My mom is still in Omaha with my grandparents.  Pretty much snowed in.  My dad, sister and I went to mass at 4 pm.  Then home for our traditional gumbo dinner.  It was quite yummy!  Then Dad had us open our gift from our mom.  Mom bought us these gorgeous tiger fleur-de-lis silver pendent necklaces.  Then we all settled in to watch "Four Christmases" with Vince Vaughn and Reese Weatherspoon.

It has been a good Christmas day.  My sister and I must have been on "Santa's" nice list because we did get some really nice things.  I got a radio/cd player for my apartment.  Various books. The Bon Jovi CD (LOVE THEM!). Some sweaters. Snow White DVD and Dirty Dancing DVD. 

Duke had a good day.  He had a stocking full of new toys and bones for him!  He was even decked out in his "Feliz Navidog"shirt!  He was given a huge beef rib bone to gnaw on.  That kep him quiet for about an hour!!!

Duke tearing into his stocking.  He got 2 new toys and a bunch of rawhide bones! For those who can't see, his shirt says "Feliz Navidog".

Spoke to my niece and nephew.  They were so excited about Christmas.  I love hearing kids talk about Christmas!  Marly was up at 2 am!!!  Parker was up at 5:45 am!!!  However, they were both warned they couldn't come down till 7 am or they couldn't open present till 6 pm!!!  LOL!!!  They managed to keep themselves occupied in their rooms till 7!  They absolutely loved everything they received.

Spoke to all the family members. They were all figuring out how to get to my grandparents for Christmas.  There is so much snow on the ground that church services were cancelled!  I think my mom said the temperature was 9 degrees! Last time we spoke, everyone had made it to my grandmother's for dinner!

Had an opportunity to speak to my friend Jason today.  He is a good friend from college.  This is his first Christmas as a married man although he and his wife are not together.  He went home to Tennessee to be with his dad and she was out of vacation time!  So sad.  However, I think Jason has given me the best news today!  I am going to be an Aunt again!  He and Johana are expecting a baby this summer.  I can't wait!!!

We saw "Sherlock Holmes" this year for our Christmas movie.  I adore Robert Downey Jr. so I LOVED the movie!!  It is dark but does have many numerous funny spots in it.

Saturday was an 8 hour shopping marathon with my sister.  I was exhausted.  We shopped 2 malls and one outdoor shopping center.  While we traveled less than 20 miles, I felt like we had traveled the state!  But it was a great day!   Shopping and lunch with my little sister.  Dinner with my dad.  It was an overall great day!!!

We did get some good deals.  Plus we "had" to start spending our gift cards!  They were burning holes in our wallets!!!  Dad sent me home shortly after dinner because he said I was "looking bad."  LOL  Leave it to Dad to be so blunt! 

These are two of the goodies I bought myself for Christmas.  They were my holiday retail therapy!!!  :)

My pretty new Coach purse!!!

A pendant necklace that says "Love Kills Slowly".  My sister also got one for herself!

When I got home, my new radio/cd player was set up and ready to go.  Dad had come over to walk Duke while I was out and just couldn't resist putting it together for me and testing it out!  LOL  I was just so tired the night before that I hadn't put it together.  But now I can listen to my new Bon Jovi CD!  Yay!!!!

I always dread the holidays because it reminds me of how alone I am.  But this holiday, I had a great time! I had a great 4 days with my little sister!  Dad was wonderful.  We did miss Mom but we know she was having a good time with her parents and shoveling snow (she's currently in the midwest where they are snowed in!).

I am not looking forward to this week.  But the bright side is that I only have to work 3 days then off for 4 days!  I'm thinking those 4 days are going to be a lot more quiet than the 4 days of Christmas!!! 

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Cindy said...

Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas, and you got some great goodies!

Santa forgot to buy me the Bon Jovi CD, so I bought it for myself. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

Happy New Year!!