Monday, December 21, 2009

A Moment of Calm

At this moment, it is quite peaceful in my home.  Duke is sleeping on the couch. No tv. No radio.  Just the sound of me pecking away at the keys on the keyboard.

This weekend was hectic.  Hmmm.  Hectic may not be the word.  Stressful.  Stressful is more descriptive.  Two of my friends (may have to rethink that after this weekend) decided that it was time for me to get a cat again.  I had a cat for 10 years and he passed away a little over a year ago on the day Hurricane Ike decided to come through.  Anyway, so it has just been Duke and I since that time.  We've adjusted well.  Duke has especially liked being an only child and getting all the attention. 

My friends were at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and saw a rescue group showing cats.  One of the cats was a flamepoint himalayan.  He was beautiful.  Very laid back.  Declawed. Neutered.  1 1/2 years old. Sounds pretty good, huh?  They instantly thought of me.  So they both chipped in on the adoption cost with the condition that if I didn't like the cat, I could return him.  So, thus I became an owner, rather reluctant one, to a cat. 

He really was a good cat.  Didn't come out from under the bed for almost two whole days, but when he did, he made his presence known.  He loved to talk.  Meow, meow, meow, meow!!!!  And did I mention he was 13 pounds?  13 pounds of pure love!!  He had a way of making his presence known! On the second night, as I was trying to sleep, he came out of no where and landed on my chest.  All 13 pounds of him.

Duke was ok with him.  As long as he didn't get too close to me or his toys.  And other times, he enjoyed chasing him as he attempted to hump the cat.  You would think I'd never had him neutered!!! How do you explain to the dog that the cat is not his sex toy?

But the 2 main problems I had with the cat was I just am not ready to have another cat.  I actually think I will never want another cat again.  And the second was that, my mother is right, I am allergic to cats.  I've had this nagging cough for weeks now (and according to the doctor could last a few more weeks), then add a long haired cat who liked to sit very close to my nose.  I thought I couldn't breathe before, I really couldn't now. 

It was very hard to do but I returned him to his foster mom.  He really was a sweet loving cat and I think that Duke liked having a companion around.  Maybe in 2010 I'll get another minature poodle or a poodle mix dog.  But for now, no more cats!

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Maureen said...

oh well - some things are just not meant to be. And I am sorry, but that the vision of this rather large cat landing out of nowhere is just too funny - that and what your confused little dog was thinking lol!